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HESCO’s Enclosure Modification System Cuts Labor, Costs for Power Control Systems

Everyone knows stainless steel is tough – and it’s a popular choice for industrial enclosures because of its durability and its resistance to corrosion, rust, and intense temperatures.

Stainless steel’s toughness, however, is often an obstacle for companies that need to customize their enclosures and choose to do so in-house. That toughness makes the hand-cutting process difficult and time-consuming, often resulting in less precise cutouts and the need to replace costly tools that can’t handle the job.

Power Control Systems, a technology consulting firm in Glastonbury, CT, was facing this situation when they were looking to purchase a stainless enclosure earlier this year.

“We knew we needed the durability of stainless steel but also precision customization, so we began to investigate options, and we soon learned that doing the cutting modifications ourselves was going to be very costly in terms of labor and tools,” said Jeffrey Neiblum, Power Control Systems application engineer.

Working with HESCO, Neiblum and his team were impressed with the quality of Hoffman stainless enclosures over other market offerings.

“The quality was superior, and price was competitive,” Neiblum said. “Plus, HESCO was able to add value by offering to precision-cut the holes for us using their on-site automated enclosure modification system.”

HESCO is the only authorized Hoffman Certified Modification Center in Connecticut. This allows for fast and affordable custom enclosures delivered locally. At HESCO, we continually work to provide value to our customers that translates to time and money savings.

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About Power Control Systems

Based in Glastonbury, CT, Power Control Systems a controls systems integrator providing PLC and process control systems, SCADA systems, control system electrical design, CAD services, custom PLC and PC software, control retro-fit packages, control panel design and fabrication, as well as installation, on-site startup, and field service work.

AMES Electrical Consulting Saves Time and Meets Deadlines with HESCO

Without a dedicated purchasing department, AMES Electrical Consulting found itself facing a significant challenge: how could the company stay on schedule and remain competitive when their supply vendors constantly missed deadlines and blundered crucial business opportunities?

AMES’ panel shop and field service departments rely on parts arriving on time for jobs and need quick turnarounds for RFQs and order acknowledgement. Frustrated that vendors were taking too long to respond, and knowing that their success depended on being fast and nimble, AMES turned to HESCO.

“With other vendors, we were used to calling inside sales and leaving a voicemail to call us as quickly as possible, only to hear from the vendor two to three days later,” said Randy Ames, owner of the New England-based control systems integrator. “When we call HESCO customer service, someone actually answers the phone the majority of the time. If we do leave a voicemail, the call is returned within the hour.”

HESCO’s dedicated customer service team prides itself on providing the ultimate customer experience. Since becoming a HESCO customer, the frustration AMES experienced from working with other suppliers has been eliminated. Randy credits this to timely and thorough customer service from the HESCO team, particularly Amy Rosenberg.

“Whether it is pricing, availability, or product information, she has excelled every single time,” Randy said. “After having difficulties getting other vendors to understand our requirements and needs, HESCO has heroically risen to this request.”

One of the examples Randy says demonstrates HESCO’s above-and-beyond customer service was when Amy was able to add a wire label cassette to HESCO inventory – reducing the time to get the part from two days to just two hours. It’s that type of customer attention that illustrates how AMES continues to thrive by partnering with HESCO.

“The company-wide support, from outside sales, to customer service, to tech support, has been overwhelmingly positive,” Randy said. “It is not just the big-ticket items and the Rockwell Automation product support, etc. It is the little things – like a wire label cassette being on your shelf – that allows us to succeed. Our thanks go out to all the fine employees at HESCO for making this a win-win relationship.”

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About AMES Electrical

Based in Deerfield, MA, AMES Electrical Consulting has been providing electrical control systems engineering services to manufacturing and commercial industries for 25 years. Drawing on a variety of industrial experiences, Ames specializes in solving process control and data acquisition problems by using a mixture of hardware and software.

EDRO Corporation Realizes Improved Lead Time and Product Availability

EDRO Corporation is an OEM that designs and manufactures industrial strength washer-extractors, tumbler dryers and ozone systems. These products are used by the U.S. Navy, along with other marine, commercial and industrial customers.

EDRO was experiencing longer than acceptable lead times for a custom motor and gearbox assembly due to assembly time and component availability with the manufacturers. Because of this delay, EDRO was unable to meet its customer’s strict delivery schedule, ultimately, affecting customer satisfaction. As a short term solution, HESCO worked with the manufacturer to expedite components from Italy to reduce lead times as much as possible. For a more permanent solution, EDRO and HESCO entered into a stocking agreement to maintain stock locally, virtually eliminating leads times for small orders.

EDRO has been impressed with the customer service received from the HESCO team. Specifically, Mike has had the pleasure of interacting with Amy and Jessica as his customer service contacts…

I’ve quickly realized that HESCO is a top tier distributor who is easy to work with… all have been phenomenal! – Mike

HESCO Selected by Cober Inc. to Provide Controls for Microwave Generator Heating

HESCO has been chosen by Cober Inc. to supply equipment for two lines of Microwave Generator Heaters which use twelve generators for each line for a total of twenty four Generators. Cober electronics provided system design, assembly, and programming for the project and selected HESCO to provide the Rockwell Automation/Allen Bradley control equipment. HESCO’s Rockwell Automation specialists  provided support for  the control strategies working closely with Cober’s engineering.

The Generator system consists of two Allen Bradley Motor Control Centers (MCC’s), Allen Bradley GuardLogix’s for safety, Allen Bradley PanelView for the HMI, Allen Bradley Kinetics for motion, Allen Bradley Compactlogix’s for generator control,  Allen Bradley Stratix EthernetIP network switches for communications, and Allen Bradley Powerflex drives for the conveyor system at each line.

Cober Inc. is located in Stratford, CT. Cober Electronics offers the industry’s most complete line of standard and custom engineered, industrial microwave ovens, microwave heating systems, and other industrial equipment that use Vibration Monitoring equipment to prevent malfunctioning in all the industrial equipment.

HESCO Selected by Energy Services Inc. to Provide Balance of Plant Controls for Portable Power Units

HESCO was chosen by ESI to supply the balance of plant (BOP) controls for twelve PW Power Systems FT8 MobilePac® Gas Turbines  destined for Africa. ESI provided system design and programming and selected HESCO to provide the Rockwell Automation/Allen Bradley control equipment. HESCO also provided the services to assemble, stage and test the control cabinets in it’s Rocky Hill, CT facility.

The FT8 MobilePac® Gas Turbine system is a 25MW mobile power generation package provided by PW Power Systems of Glastonbury, CT. These units are designed to provide quick, reliable power and are well suited for emergencies or to be used as temporary power plants.

Energy Services Inc. (ESI) located in Farmington, CT provides turnkey engineering, construction and procurement services for power projects on a worldwide basis.

HESCO Selected by BYK USA Inc. and A/Z Corporation for $53 Million Wallingford, CT Plant Expansion – March 3, 2014

HESCO was chosen to supply critical automation solutions and products for the new BYK USA Inc. batch chemical facility being constructed by A/Z Corporation (North Stonington, CT). In addition to providing a complete Rockwell Automation PlantPAx control system, HESCO is also providing the Allen-Bradley Intelligent Motor Control Center. The PlantPAx (DCS) system will control plant production and is based on proven Allen-Bradley Control Logix Programmable Automation Controllers and the FactoryTalk Suite of production software. Further, HESCO has worked closely with the chosen system integrator to build and factory test the control system cabinets and panels in it’s Rocky Hill, CT location. Completion and startup is scheduled for Q3 2014.

“Last year when BYK decided to embark on this $53 million expansion of its Wallingford facility, a move that will increase the company’s manufacturing capacity by about 300 percent, it represented the single largest investment outside of the company’s home of Germany,” said Gov. Dannel P. Malloy.

BYK USA Inc., a subsidiary of Germany-based BYK-Chemie GmbH

HESCO Awarded Medium Voltage Drives Order by Gemma Power Systems for Woodville Renewable Power Project

HESCO has been selected by Gemma Power Systems, LLC (Glastonbury, CT) to provide an Allen-Bradley medium voltage drive system for the Woodville Renewable Power Project in Woodville, TX. The ETEC Woodville Project is a 49.9 MW biomass power plant fueled by chipped, un-merchantable timber processed within a mile of the site. HESCO was selected based on it’s ability to provide the proven Allen-Bradley system within project budget and it’s commitment to the project delivery schedule. The plant is scheduled to be completed in December 2014.

Gemma, a wholly owned subsidiary of Argan Inc., is a leading Engineering, Procurement, Construction (“EPC”) Contractor providing a range of services.

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