Build Your Tailored Skill-Building Plan with Rockwell Training Advisor

Unlock improved job performance potential with the Rockwell Automation online knowledge assessment tool.

Training Advisor can help you determine a tailored training path for your workforce to obtain the knowledge required to successfully improve on-the-job performance.

This tool can help you identify skill and knowledge gaps hindering production performance and helps develop a training strategy that maximizes job performance and effectiveness.

With Training Advisor, you can customize online assessments in the following areas based on job tasks that are performed specifically by your workforce:

  • Controllers
  • Visualization
  • Networks
  • Process control
  • Motion control
  • OEM
  • Drives control
  • System integrators
  • Safety
  • Craft skills (mechanical and electrical)

Training Advisor compiles the assessment results and identifies areas for potential training. Use the results as justification to invest in training where it is most advantageous for your workforce.

Get more information about Training Advisor online here.

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