Customer Testimonial: HESCO’s Enclosure Modification System Cuts Labor, Costs for Power Control Systems

Everyone knows stainless steel is tough – and it’s a popular choice for industrial enclosures because of its durability and its resistance to corrosion, rust, and intense temperatures.

Stainless steel’s toughness, however, is often an obstacle for companies that need to customize their enclosures and choose to do so in-house. That toughness makes the hand-cutting process difficult and time-consuming, often resulting in less precise cutouts and the need to replace costly tools that can’t handle the job.

Power Control Systems, a technology consulting firm in Glastonbury, CT, was facing this situation when they were looking to purchase a stainless enclosure earlier this year.

“We knew we needed the durability of stainless steel but also precision customization, so we began to investigate options, and we soon learned that doing the cutting modifications ourselves was going to be very costly in terms of labor and tools,” said Jeffrey Neiblum, Power Control Systems application engineer.

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