Material Handling & Conveyors

Material Handling & Conveyors Conveyor3

At HESCO, we understand that quality, performance, and cost effectiveness are the key competitive drivers for machine builders and OEMs. HESCO has successfully partnered with machine builders and OEM’s for than 70 years. In addition to market leading Allen-Bradley solutions, HESCO provides many other products and services specifically designed to maintain and improve competitiveness for our customers in this demanding market.


Markets & Machines

  • Warehouse & Distribution
  • Baggage Handling
  • Parcel / Postal
  • Manufacturing
  • Automated Storage and Retrieval
  • Automated Guided Vehicles
  • Carousels
  • Picking Systems
  • Conveyors
  • Sorters
  • Merging
  • Gapping
  • Inducts

Faster time to market achieved through Machine Builder EfficiencyConveyor1

•Design productivity tools reduce engineering time
–Standard, reusable software modules and Add-on-Instructions (AOIs)
•Integrated Architecture
–Scalable, multi-disciplined Logix platform with single programming environment
–Seamless connectivity from power and control components to enterprise information systems
•Quick lead time and off-the-shelf components
•Engineering expertise and support, helping OEMs  decrease time to market
–Meet customer commitments
–Meet your tradeshow deadlines with new equipment launches
•Supply Chain solutions
–Kitting, vendor managed inventory, Panel outsourcing
–Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork – Distributors, Solution Providers, Encompass Partners
•OEM Team Project Management support to help ease line integration


Lower total cost to design, develop and deliver

•Modular Code
–Re-use existing machine code modules for reduced engineering
•Network Optimization
–Seamless route data between CIP networks
–EtherNet/IP allows both control and safety on a single network
–IT-friendly applications
–Easier integration into existing systems
•Pre-engineered faceplates for network monitoring
•On-Machine product portfolio
–Optimize machine architecture and panel size by distributing control
•Pre-configured information-enabled code for data collection
•Remote connectivity/diagnostics/troubleshooting
•Global OEM Technical Consultants (GOTCs)
–Industry, machine, and solutions experts


OEM Product Family

Products and services available through HESCO include:

  • Automation & Control System technical design support to maximize performance and minimize cost
  • A broad array of industrial automation and electrical products
  • Scalable hardware and software solutions
  • Machine safety products and services
  • Access to a global team of product and software OEM and Machine Builder experts
  • Vendor managed on-site inventory programs
Products typically required include: Controllers, VFDs, Distributed I/O, Machine  & Supervisory Software, Industrial Computers, Photoeyes


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