Disaster Recovery with Rockwell Automation

Disaster Recovery with Rockwell Automation PLC/HMI Code and Drive Parameter Backup Services

Do you have a backup of your critical automation programs parameters? HESCO always field calls from customers who experience a hardware failure and face the very preventable, and scary, situation that the only copy of their program was on the failed device, and it may not be recoverable. 

You may be lucky to have the backup program located somewhere, but do you have the software and hardware needed to load that program? How about the replacement part in your storeroom? There are a lot of moving parts when you experience a hardware failure, but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when talking about disaster recovery.

HESCO can help through our Installed Base Evaluation (IBE) which now includes critical program backup services

The IBE is an onsite assessment and cataloging of all your automation assets from PLCs, HMIs, Drives, Motors and more. We then move to your storeroom and catalog all spare parts and compare what you have in spares to what is on the plant floor. 

HESCO always uncovers 3 things:

  1. Gaps in spare parts needed to prevent downtime (downtime risk)
  2. Excess spares (cost reduction)
  3. Inactive spares not supporting the installed based (cost reduction)

We report our findings of the storeroom, but also contextualize the data further with lifecycle status of the parts we collect (Active/Active Mature/End of Life/Discontinued) by location/area/machine/panel. 

HESCO can dig into the data to uncover critical machines that are at risk of extended downtime due to lack of spares. Couple that with custom insights from our Specialists and you receive actionable data to reveal the lifecycle risk you are facing with your installed base, risk of downtime due to lack of spares, and a roadmap on where to start modernizing to prevent future downtime events.

The IBE offering is now adding backup of your critical automation programs and parameters. During our IBE collection, we will also collect your programs, store them offsite (if desired) and deliver copies of all the programs for disaster recovery purposes. 

With this addition to the IBE offering, we can now assess our customer’s lifecycle risk with the IBE, prevent downtime through our IBE findings and custom insights, and fully document and deliver copies of your critical programs. This means less worrying about what to do in the event of a critical hardware failure and more time to focus on proactive activities!

For more information on our enhanced IBE with critical program backup talk to your account manager or reach out to us at info@hesconet.com / 860-236-6363.

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