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Basic Industrial Ethernet

Students who attend the Basic Industrial Ethernet course will walk away with the confidence and knowledge to design a simple Ethernet network and implement it in their facility. Our courses are taught by instructors who have a background in the industrial world which allows them to offer perspectives unique to challenges that Controls Engineers and Technicians face on a day-to-day basis.

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Topics discussed during this one-day training include:

  • Physical Cabling – Students will learn the basics of copper and fiber cabling, TIA standards, and Structured Cabling implementation.
  • Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) Model – How it applies to networking and guides manufacturers of networking technology.
  • Switch Theory – How switches function and what role they serve in a network topology.
  • VLANS – Configuration and implementation.
  • IP Addressing – What is an IP address and how is it derived.
  • Subnetting – What is subnetting and considerations around subnetting.
  • Industrial Protocols – Basics of industrial protocols and their history.
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