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PLC & HMI Training & Development Seminar Level 1

Join HESCO for a PLC & HMI Training Seminar Level 1

The Level 1 seminar includes a complete demo module in a fully functional configuration mounted on a convenient plexiglass stand. The entire demo module has over $1,500 worth of equipment, yours to keep and included at no extra charge as part of the cost of attendance ($595).

In the course, you’ll receive hands-on training on how to set up and program an Allen-Bradley Micro 800 PLC and PanelView HMI.

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PLC HMI Seminar Level 1 Overview

PLC Topics:

  • Intro to Micro 800 PLC product line
  • Specific advantages of the Micro 820 model PLC
  • How to launch CCW v9
  • How to create a new project with a M820
  • How to create a program (Ladder Logic)
  • Entering of a program for a push button & light
  • Entering of a program for timing
  • Download to controller
  • View program online with controller

HMI Topics:

  • Intro to PanelView 800 product line
  • Adding 4″ PanelView to existing program
  • How to do basic configuration
  • How to add HMI tags & link to controller PLC tags
  • How to add screen and build graphics
  • Program a real world “soft” push button to control options
  • Program display of timer
  • Download to HMI

Development System Pictures

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