Automation Solutions for Packaging

HESCO offers products that can be integrated into the right automation solution for many industries.


CartonerCartoning machines in the consumer products industry for  packaging applications.

A cartoner is a packaging machine system that assembles individual products, assembles a fiber board carton, collates
the products, packs the products into the carton, then seals the flaps of the carton by folding, locking, taping, or gluing the end. For cartoners, Rockwell Automation offers a broad range of control solutions that utilize the Logix Control Platform. For applications where all the functions of a system are being controlled: erecting, filling, sealing, in addition to automatic setup requirements and integration of a feeding mechanism, the Allen-Bradley® ControlLogix® programmable automation controller (PAC) is the controller of choice.      button-read-more

HFFS MachineHorizontal Flow Wrapper

Flow Wrappers or Horizontal Form, Fill, and Seal (HFFS) are machines used in the consumer products industry for a wide variety of packaging applications like cookies, biscuits and crackers which are wrapped and sealed while being transported on a conveyor. The wrapping material is flexible and typically heat-sealable plastic. Paper is also used and sealed by glue.  For applications where speed is very important and a primary factor, the Allen-Bradley® ControlLogix® programmable automation controller (PAC) is the controller of choice. For other applications where machine speed is not essential, the Allen-Bradley CompactLogix™ PAC can more than adequately meet machine builders’ needs. button-read-more

VFFS MachineVertical Form, Fill, and Seal machines

Vertical Form, Fill, and Seal (VFFS) machines are used in the consumer products industry for various products like salt, tea, sugar, spices, snack foods, wafers, detergent and candies are placed into formed pouches and then sealed. The pouch material is flexible and typically heat-sealable plastic. Paper is also used and sealed by glue. Fully automatic VFFS machines require limited operator intervention. The operator need only replenish product by loading supply hoppers or changing packaging film drums. For machines that are semi-automatic, operators are required to perform part of the packaging operation. VFFS machines can be intermittent or continuous motion. Intermittent motion machines operate on the principle that vertical bag seals are made when the film is moving and horizontal seals occur when the film stops.button-read-more

Shrink Sleeving Machines

Shrink LabelerLabels and labeling machines come in wide variety of types:is a shrink labeler. Shrink labels are plastic films that are applied over products. The labels typically form a 360 degree label around the productand are produced from many different types of plastic materials. Shrink sleevers stretch the label over the product and then expose it to heat to shrink and conform to the product. Unlabeled containers are transported via an infeed conveyor and then metered by a rotating feed screw. The shrink sleeve labels are supplied from a roll in the form of a continuous web. As the containers enter the labeler, the labels in web form are opened and fashioned into a tube by a mandrel and fed in precise registration with a printed graphic. button-read-more

Bag/Pouch Making Machines

Bag MachineBags / Pouches come in various materials, shapes, sizes and designs based on the product packed or the end user industry. Products typically in solid, liquid form are packed for Food &Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Consumer Product industries. Bag manufacturers must reap the most productivity from every stage of their manufacturing process. At the same time, they must ensure the Bags  produced meet their customers’ specifications and overall quality standards.button-read-more

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