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Fully Integrated Approach to Beverage Production

Increased government regulation and reporting requirements have added complexity and expense to beverage production operations and equipment. These trends force beverage producers to look for new ways to reduce unit costs, improve the bottom line and grow globally.

HESCO along with its partner Rockwell Automation can provide a fully integrated approach to the production of beverages – from the receipt of raw materials through the delivery of packaged products. This approach ensures efficient delivery of a diverse mix of quality, safely produced beverages at the lowest per-unit cost while maintaining taste, uniformity and consistency between plants.

Drive Speed and Innovation

Standardized control systems can increase productivity, improve ease of integration between process and packing functions, and reduce per-unit and long-term training and maintenance costs. Rockwell Automation control systems for process, batch, discrete and motion-control applications give producers a single, standardized control system that reduces the complexity and cost of integration, training and maintenance.

The PlantPAx™ system with batch and unit control solutions provides improved sequencing of batches to optimize process uptime and efficiency and ease recipe adjustments.
Our controller-based architecture, integrated with our robust servo solutions, can reduce changeover time by automatically making adjustments to equipment based on recipe setting and SKU information.

Configurable Line Control for Packaging

RAPID line integration is a configurable line control solution with built-in line performance management. It provides a flexible approach to integrating discrete manufacturing lines, allowing for a single location to setup, control and analyze the performance of an entire line. RAPID lowers the total cost of deploying and optimizing manufacturing equipment while providing a platform that interfaces with production machines and operations management systems.  Click download for the Rapid Line Integration PDFdownload button

Improve Asset Utilization

As your production equipment ages, it’s inevitable that questions about part sourcing, service, potential productivity losses from old technology, and increased risks of downtime become stronger.

We will work with you to outline a plan that fits your application needs and long-term goals. We can help you migrate in a way that addresses product maturity without negatively impacting productivity.

Taking a strategic, simplified and cost-effective approach to plant-floor optimization helps increase productivity and decrease downtime. We help simplify maintenance efforts by providing additional expertise when its needed, reducing the amount of time it takes to address problems and get the facility back up and running.

Manage Risk

You rely on quality water – a lot of it. As global production has risen, so has scarcity and contamination issues – at the same time you are challenged to improve yield and reduce waste with existing manufacturing assets.

PlantPAx Advanced Process Control solutions are scalable to meet a wide range of application requirements. These solutions offer comprehensive system modeling to predict future events and optimize performance.
Our control systems for process, batch, discrete and motion-control applications give beverage producers a single, standardized control system that reduces the complexity and cost of training and maintenance.
Additionally, our Services and Solutions portfolio can deliver value throughout the production life cycle, from equipment and line design and development, through employee training and maintenance support.
Our Global Solutions network includes beverage-industry professionals with deep domain expertise who can implement projects in a low-risk, high-reward environment.

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