Fuses and Circuit Protection

HESCO partners with Rockwell Automation, Hubbell, Mersen ,Marathon, Bussman, and other vendors to provide a variety of fuses, fuse blocks,  and other circuit protection devices.

Fuses and Circuit ProtectionThe Mersen brand, well known for Ferraz Shawmut fuses has been supported in New England by HESCO for many years. We maintain an inventory of many of the most commonly requested items and offer highly competitive pricing. Mersen is HESCO’s  partner supplying all the major fuse systems. From UL systems to DIN systems, BS systems and NF systems, Mersen fuse systems help increase equipment and installation life-time while reducing costs and improving lead times, electrical performance, and reliability. For end users, our fuse systems reduce equipment downtime, protect electrical installations, people, and investments, and improve electrical performance and reliability.

USGM – Midget

Mersen’s new USGCC & USGM series fuseholders deliver the ultimate ease-of-use, time (labor) saving and reliable solution available in the marketplace. Mersen is the first manufacturer to offer screw-less, spring pressure, wire termination technology into a power fuseholder, delivering the best of both technologies to its customers. Now you can experience the combined benefits of safety, ease-of-use, labor savings and reliability of UltraSafe fuseholders and spring pressure technology.

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