What is HESCO PRIDE? An award that a employee at HESCO can receive for showing one or more of our core values, Passion, Respect, Initiative, Dependable & Ethical (P.R.I.D.E). Quarterly, we internally vote on employees who have shown one of the five core values and the employee with the most votes wins the quarterly P.R.I.D.E award! If you come into the office, try to spot a P.R.I.D.E award winner by looking for their winners vest!

Want to help nominate our next P.R.I.D.E Winner? Click the button below, submissions are anonymous!

Our current P.R.I.D.E winners:

Amy – Passion
Bill T. – Respect
Kara – Dependable
Bill R. – Passion
Chris – Dependable
David – Respect
Pete – Initiative
Geoff – Dependable
Jess – Dependable


Amy has been very helpful to the warehouse team and the CSR team.
Bill R works hard to keep bringing new customers.
Geoff is always willing to help out with any and all requests, all while doing it with a smile and excellent demeanor.
Kara goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that no customer is left hanging before leaving for the day, day in and day out.
Bill T has a wealth of knowledge as it relates to manufacturing and other areas. He is a creative thinker with his electro-mechanical mind and knows how to rally the troops to get things done. There is no one more caring about ASG and the team.
Amy – Communicating, solving issues, leadership.
Bill R exemplifies all five of the choices – Passion, Respect, Initiative, Dependable and Ethical, but the drop down allows only one!
Customer satisfaction is paramount to David, and when he says he will provide something to a customer, he follows through.
Bill T always shows the most respect towards his fellow employees and customers.
Geoff is always working on project pricing for us and connecting dots in between outside sales and customer service.
David creates a relationship of reciprocal respect not only for his outside customers, but his coworkers and teammates.
Pete is always asking and willing to take on new tasks even in other departments.
Kara does what ever it takes to make costumers happy.
Chris has been a great addition to HESCO. Any request, he is quick to respond and resolve!
David is the first to come in and the last to leave. He is approachable and dependable.
Chris ALWAYS helps with any IT issue no matter what. He will drop what he’s doing to assist at any time.
Bill T treats us all as people first and employees second.
Bill R draws on his initiative for nearly every opportunity that comes in the door, as a good part of ASG’s work involves customization, imagination and drive toward a solution.
Kara is always willing to help others and learn new processes. She is a true professional and team player. I can always rely on the quality of her work, knowing that she goes the extra mile to help our customers.
Pete is always trying to learn something new so he can bring more value to HESCO.
What does Geoff McKay not do? Geoff should be the first one to win a clean sweep of PRIDE awards as he checks every box on a daily basis.

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