Hoffman Certified Modification Center
Simple and Easy Enclosure Customizations

When you let HESCO handle your custom enclosure details, you get quick turnaround, precision, repeatability, local inventory — plus your labor costs disappear!

We all know that time is money, and we can save you both. HESCO is Connecticut’s designated Hoffman Certified Modification Center. Our Steinhauer automated enclosure modification system allows us to handle all your modified electrical enclosure details. That means no more measuring, drilling, cutting for you, so you can put your efforts and energy into your core specialty. 

From simple holes to complex cutouts, on any material — even stainless steel! — any shape or size, we can deliver in just one to three days after you submit your specifications.

This service allows your business to eliminate time-consuming manual labor for Hoffman enclosure modifications. Manual drilling, cutting and tapping hand tools is virtually eliminated utilizing a fully automated computer controlled machine, delivering assembly ready enclosures.


  • Smooth burr-free edges
  • Precise clean holes
  • Guaranteed reproducibility
  • Reduce long lead times for custom enclosures from the manufacturer
  • 1-3 day turn around on stocked enclosures (after drawing approval)
    • HESCO maintains an inventory of Hoffman enclosures


Ideally suited for short to medium-run projects or repeat business for these types of builds.

  • Precise and repeatable openings
  • Drawings input into the control system and stored for future needs

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