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HESCO offers a broad array of products, software and services to support the chemical industry. HESCO has been working with end users, OEMs, and system integrators for more than 70 years. Rockwell Automation and Allen-Bradley our flagship product line have been long regarded by the industry as the most reliable, most widely accepted and most cost effective solutions. As such, HESCO has successfully delivered millions of dollars of software, hardware and services to chemical producers in New England.

Our technical consultants are familiar with the various processes, industry requirements, and best practices employed in the industry. Further, HESCO is able to call upon key global experts and technical resources from our partners including Rockwell Automation and local and regional solution providers. We are ready and prepared to help our customers achieve successful results.


Our offerings include:

  • Batch & Continuous Chemical Production Software & Hardware
  • Advanced Process Control (APC) Optimization Software & Applications
  • Industrial Control Products & Solutions
  • Motor Control Centers
  • Safety Solutions & Services
  • Service Contracts and Demand Services
  • System Upgrades & Migration
  • Network Optimization & Security Solutions

Products available through HESCO include:


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