AMCI’s AnyNET Signal Conditioner

AMCI’s AnyNET I/O ANR2 LVDT/RVDT Signal Conditioner

amci lvdtAMCI has introduced the AnyNET I/O ANR2 LVDT/RVDT dual channel signal conditioner. It provides an easy, flexible way to bring LVDT and/or RVDT sensor data into any PLC-based control system.

The two channel ANR2 product is a direct interface to most LVDT sensors, including three-wire, four-wire, five-wire, six-wire, and half-bridge LVDT sensors. Additionally, the ANR2 signal conditioner is compatible with RVDT sensors from most manufacturers. Plus, it programs using the host controller’s (PLC) native software.

AMCI’s ANR2 utilizes digital technology to simplify installation, streamline data transfer, and reduce costs. Traditional LVDT/RVDT signal conditioners use an archaic approach to system set-up and calibration. Most use jumpers, potentiometers and/or front panel push buttons to calibrate an LVDT signal conditioner. This method is effective but clumsy, and it penalizes the system’s overall performance. AMCI’s ANR2 digital technology gives you a hassle free setup that delivers laboratory precision without compromises.

AMCI’s ANR2 lets you specify the LVDT sensor’s exact excitation voltage and frequency in software. Additional commands make quick work of the alignment process by simply entering your minimum and maximum span points. For more demanding applications, AMCI’s ANR2 also allows you to enter the sensor’s sensitivity and displacement, maximizing system accuracy and linearity throughout the entire measurement range.

AMCI’s ANR2 was designed with budgets in mind. Most other of current commercially available LVDT/RVDT signal conditioners require an analog-to-digital converter (e.g. analog input module) to interface with a PLC.  AMCI’s ANR2 communicates LVDT/RVDT sensor data directly to the PLC using a standard network connection.  AMCI’s ANR2 expansion modules also allow you to easily interface up to (12) LVDT/RVDT sensors using a single network connection, which reduces physical wiring and optimizes data traffic over the network.

Additional ANR2 features include: digital alignment (no potentiometers), master/slave mode, sensor set-up memory and an optional GUI software for user training & bench testing.


  • Direct interface to 3-wire, 4-wire, 5-wire, 6-wire, and half bridge LVDT sensors.
  • Supports Differential AND Ratiometric LVDT sensors.
  • Direct interface to leading RVDT sensors.
  • Digital technology eliminates the need for potentiometers.
  • Programmable Excitation Voltage, Excitation Frequency, Sensor Displacement, and Sensor Sensitivity maximizes sensor resolution, accuracy, and linearity.
  • Master/Slave excitation mode to prevent cross-talk.
  • Expandable interface design can support up to 12 LVDT or RVDT sensors.
  • Programming is easy via your PLC. No additional software is required!
  • Optional GUI interface for user orientation & test bench evaluation.
  • DIN rail mounting for simple, standard installation.

Compatable PLCs and PACs


  • 1756 ControlLogix
  • 1769 ControlLogix
  • 1764 MicroLogix
  • 1762 MicroLogix
  • 1746 SLC500


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