Lighting Control

Lighting Control

Lighting control products include multi-pole, feeder disconnect, and combination lighting contactors. Multi-pole lighting contactors are available up to 12-poles, with contacts rated at 20 A for branch circuits. Feeder disconnect  lighting contactors turn large blocks of lights on and off. Our contactors are available in sizes up to 2250 A. You can use them to control full-bus and split-bus lighting panelboards.

Combination Lighting Contactors

RA-LC-01 502L with Disconnect Switch
503L with Circuit Breaker
Combination Lighting Contactors are ideal for applications that require combining switching and over-current protection in the same enclosure. These contactors are available in fused and circuit breaker models.

Feeder Disconnect Lighting Contactors

RA-LC-02 500FL Feed-Through Wiring
500L Top Wiring
500LP Top Wiring Magnet Latching
Feeder Disconnect Lighting Contactors control large blocks of lights including full-bus and split-bus lighting panelboards. We have top wiring contactors, top wiring permanent magnet latching contactors, and feed-through wiring contactors.

Multi-Pole Lighting Contactors

RA-LC-03 100L Electrically Held
500LC Mechanically Held
500LG Electrically & Mechanically Held
Multi-pole Lighting Contactors include electrically and mechanically held NEMA, AC mechanically held NEMA, and multi-pole IEC lighting contactors.




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