AnoradConsider the simplicity of buying a stage, one part number, one drawing and one vendor accountable for the product working properly. It takes significant time to determine the proper linear motor, linear bearing, encoder, cable management, shock absorbers, and flex cables for an application. Plus you have to consider the time it takes to engineer the base, carriage, and junction boxes. Now you generate all the part and assembly drawings you need to make and assemble the stage, then contact the vendors that you need to work with to make everything happen when you want it. Now consider the  It’s up to you… complexity versus simplicity.

The CHPS Series linear motor stage combines a rugged bearing and drive design with precision positioning capabilities for single and multi-axis applications requiring travels up to 1260 mm (50 in.). The aluminum stage base and carriage are designed to be very stiff, yet lightweight structures. Incorporated into the stage are matched linear guides capable of speeds up to 5 m/s and 5 g’s of acceleration. The linear brush-less servomotor provides non-contact linear drive forces allowing rapid rates of move and settle.  Depending upon your needs, you can choose to have your stages uncovered, covered, or covered with strip seals which provide IP30 level protection.  If extreme accuracy or super smooth motion is what you’re looking for, ironless linear motors can be combined with encoders of 1.0 µm resolution or better to give you the highest performance and precision.

Product Features

• Direct drive linear motors that provide for high speed, fast acceleration, and quick settling times, all of which decrease cycle time and increase productivity.Linear stages

• Linear guides capable of speeds up to 5 m/s to increase productivity.

• Quieter operation than belt or ballscrew drives providing a friendlier work environment.

• The precision of a high-accuracy ground ballscrew system at a fraction of the cost and leadtime.

• Availability with iron core or iron-less motors to meet your needs of high force or extreme smoothness.

• Quick change cabling to reduce maintenance time during cable replacement.

• Availability with or without covers and seals to maximize your value.

• Connectivity with world class Allen-Bradley controls providing service that is second to none.

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