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We offer a complete line of motor control products for your motor management systems. Our motor controllers meet the needs of many applications and conform to NEMA or IEC standards.

Contactors, Starters & Disconnect Switches, Low Voltage

RA-MtC-01 Contactors
Control & Load Switches
Disconnect Switches
Pump Control Panels
Low Voltage Starters
Allen-Bradley® offers a full line of versatile and robust contactors and starters for both IEC and NEMA applications. These products are environmentally friendly, versatile and flexible. Our IEC contactors offer AC and DC control. Our NEMA contactors and starters are known for rugged construction, dependable performance and long electrical life.

Motor Control, Medium Voltage

RA-MtC-02 Motor Controllers
Soft Starters
Drives, AC Medium-Voltage
IntelliCENTER Software
Medium Voltage products, from across-the-line starters to soft starters and variable frequency AC drives, deliver enhanced protection in applications ranging up to several thousand horsepower. Bringing motors up to speed in a controlled manner limits wear on the motor and other mechanical components. This protects your investment and is a key benefit of our medium voltage systems.

Soft Starters, Low Voltage

RA-MtC-03 SMC-50 Solid-State Soft Starters
SMC Flex Soft Starters
SMC-3 Soft Starters
SMC Dialog Plus Soft Starters
SMC™ Controllers are designed to help minimize cost by reducing overall system power requirements and wear and tear on equipment. Our soft starters can be easily integrated into your intelligent motor control solution to offer higher productivity and shorter downtimes. This SMC line is also an ideal alternative to a drive where a more cost-effective, simple solution is required. We offer a diverse line of soft-starters to meet your communication, control and space requirements.

Motor Control Centers, Low Voltage

RA-MtC-04 IEC Motor Control Centers
NEMA Motor Control Centers
IntelliCENTER Software
CENTERLINE® Low Voltage Motor Control Centers (MCCs) offer a rugged, high performance packaging solution for all your motor control needs, providing the advantages you need in your competitive environment. Our CENTERLINE MCCs are designed to meet your global needs.

Safety Isolation Systems

RA-MtC-05 Bulletin 2030 ElectroGuard® Safety Isolation System provides machine operator safety by isolating electrical and pneumatic energy in one swift action. ElectroGuard greatly eases the task of the machine operator or maintenance personnel to properly perform the Lockout/Tagout procedures, resulting in greater assurance of compliance and improved productivity.

Drives, AC Low-Voltage

RA-MtC-06 Compact Drives
Architecture Drives
Drives Safety Features
The PowerFlex® family of AC drives offers a broad range of control modes, features, options, and packaging, as well as global voltages and many power ratings. With a consistent programming structure and common operator interface, PowerFlex drives ease programming and configuration, and they reduce set-up time, training, and operation. PowerFlex Compact-class AC drives deliver a cost-effective, general-purpose solution for standalone machine level control applications and simple system integration. PowerFlex Architecture-class AC drives provide a broad set of features and application-specific parameters, and they are ideal for high-performance applications.

Safety Motor Control

RA-MtC-07 ArcShield Arc-Resistant Control
ArmorStart Motor Controllers
ArmorStart Motor Controllers with VFD
IEC CENTERLINE 2500 MCC with ArcShield
NEMA CENTERLINE 2100 MCC with ArcShield
Safety Contactors
Our Safety Motor Control products help reduce the risks associated with the operation and maintenance of electrical equipment. The CENTERLINE® ArcShield™ Arc-Resistant controller, and CENTERLINE 2500 and 2100 with ArcShield Motor Control Centers, provide rugged process control for applications requiring a higher level of personnel protection. Our ArmorStart® safety line of distributed motor controllers achieves Category 4 safety functionality while providing a safety solution integrated into your DeviceNet™ On-Machine™ safety installation. Our IEC safety contactors and control relays help protect personnel from unintended machine starts and loss of the safety function. The ElectroGuard® Safety Isolation system simplifies operator lockout/tagout procedures to help improve compliance and productivity. 




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