Networks & Communications

Networks & Communications

We offer network solutions to connect your automation products to each other and to the rest of your enterprise. We can help you select the best network architecture and provide you with design and implementation guidance. We offer a wide variety of devices, communication interfaces, physical media and connecting products to help you get the most out of your control system.

EtherNet/IP Network

RA-NC-01 EtherNet/IP Connected Products
Infrastructure (Media & Switches)
The EtherNet/IP™ Network provides plant-wide network systems using open, industry-standard networking technologies. It enables real-time control and information in discrete, continuous process, batch, safety, drive, motion, and high availability applications. The EtherNet/IP network connects devices such as motor starters and sensors to controllers and HMI devices and on into the enterprise. It supports non-industrial and industrial communications on a common network infrastructure.

ControlNet Network

RA-NC-02 ControlNet Connected Products
ControlNet Media
The ControlNet™ network is an open control network that meets the demands of real-time, high-throughput applications. ControlNet supports controller to controller interlocking and real-time control of I/O, drives and valves. It also provides control networking in discrete and process applications including high-availability applications.

DeviceNet Network

RA-NC-03 DeviceNet Connected Products
DeviceLogix-Enabled Products
DeviceNet Media
The DeviceNet™ Network provides open, device-level control and information networking for simple industrial devices. It supports communication between sensors and actuators and higher-level devices such as programmable controllers and computers. With power and signal in a single cable, it offers simple and cost-effective wiring options.

Stratix Industrial Ethernet Switches and Media

RA-NC-04 RA-NC-05 RA-NC-06  

For real-time control and information flow throughout the manufacturing and IT enterprise, Rockwell Automation offers a full portfolio of industrial Ethernet switches and media, featuring a line of managed switches integrated with Cisco technology. The portfolio contains many popular features that are in use today by IT and Controls organizations that deploy standard, unmodified Ethernet with settings optimized for use in EtherNet/IP applications.

Stratix switch products include Stratix 8000/8300™ Modular Managed Switches, Stratix 6000™ Fixed Managed Switches, Stratix 5700™ Managed Switches, and Stratix 2000™ Unmanaged Switches. Embedded switch technology is available in various Rockwell Automation products to enable ring and linear topologies.

See the following for more information:

  • EtherNet/IP Embedded Switch Technology Application Guide, publication ENET-AP005
  • EtherNet/IP Media Planning and Installation Manual, available from
  • Additional resources, such as design guides, white papers, and presentations, are available at Converged Plantwide EtherNet Architectures

Select the switch depending on the application and environment.

If your application Select
• Requires Layer 3 routing (Stratix 8300 only)
• Integrates enterprise and manufacturing environments
• Manages multicast traffic
• Requires diagnostics data
• Requires security options
Stratix 8000 and 8300 Modular Managed Switches
• Integrates plant floor devices
• Manages multicast traffic
• Requires diagnostics data
• Requires security options
Stratix 6000 Switches
• Is of compact size
• Is Logix based
• Requires Layer 2 routing
• Requires an easy set-up and user-friendly feature set and operator interface
Stratix 5700 Switches
• Requires easy set-up and direct replacement of switches
• Is a small, isolated network
Stratix 2000 Switches
• Requires multiple Ethernet topologies
• Requires high performance resilient networks
• Requires diagnostic data
Embedded Switch Technology

Process Instrumentation Networks

HART Communication Protocol
Process Instrumentation Networks provide communication between process instruments and the process control system. We offer integrated PlantPAx™ Process Automation System support for instruments on HART and the FOUNDATION™ fieldbus. Our Encompass™ Partners provide expanded support for Profibus PA, as well as Modbus and other networks. Endress+Hauser and other partners now offer process instruments that connect to EtherNet/IP™ networks to support this growing trend.

Wireless Solutions

RA-NC-08 Wireless networking is quickly becoming a key part of the comprehensive control and information infrastructure. We support industry-standard wireless networking technologies throughout Integrated Architecture™ systems and offer delivery via our Network and Security Services team. Our wireless solutions meet a broad range of application needs including outdoor, real-time indoor, and low-power process instrumentation.

Other Industrial Networks

RA-NC-09 Data Highway Plus (DH+) Network
DH-485 Network
Universal Remote I/O (RIO) Network
SERCOS Interface
We support a variety of other industrial automation networks, providing the flexibility to connect new applications with existing applications on networks such as Data Highway Plus, DH-485, Universal Remote I/O and SERCOS II. We also provide in-chassis connectivity to many other networks through Encompass™ Partner products.

Gateway & Linking Devices

RA-NC-10 1788 ControlNet to FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1
1788 ControlNet to Profibus-PA
1788 EtherNet/IP to FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1
1788 EtherNet/IP to Profibus-PA
1788 4-Way Fieldbus Junction Box
1788 6-Way Fieldbus Junction Box
We offer a range of Gateway and Linking Devices to connect one network technology to another. Additional linking devices are available through our Encompass™ Partners.

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