Safety Products

Safety Products

AB innovative safety products and solutions improve the functional operation of your machinery while helping to increase personnel safety, efficiency and productivity. We offer one the broadest safety portfolios in the industry to help you achieve both safety and productivity goals in process and discrete manufacturing applications.

Safety Connection Devices

RA-SP-01 Our Guardmaster® Safety Connection Systems are complete wiring solutions dedicated to machine safety. These quick disconnect-based systems consist of safety wired T-Ports and distribution boxes as well as patchcords and shorting plugs. Specifically intended for use with dry-contact safety switches, safety connection devices provide flexible connections with excellent reliability between safety interlock switches, E-stops, cable pull switches and safety relays. Our finger-safe terminal blocks are available in several styles and have recessed terminals for your protection.

Safety Drives & Motors

RA-SP-02 Safety options can help reduce machine downtime and increase productivity. To help you protect both your personnel and equipment, a variety of PowerFlex® drives are available with safety features. The PowerFlex 525 AC drives include embedded Safe Torque-Off as a standard feature. Safe Torque-Off is an optional feature for the PowerFlex 40P, 70, 700H, 700S, and 750-Series AC drives, which also support Safe Speed Monitor functionality. Additionally, you can configure drives without a safety option using the MSR57P Safety Relay.

Safety Input/Output (I/O) Modules

RA-SP-03 Our Guard I/O™ Safety products provide all the advantages of traditional distributed I/O for safety systems. They reduce wiring costs and startup time for machines and cells. Guard I/O blocks are available with a variety of features for both in-cabinet and on-machine applications.

Safety Motion Control

RA-SP-04 Our Safety Servo Drive products are designed to help minimize downtime and reduce energy and production waste while helping improve machine operating efficiencies. The Kinetix® 300, 6000, 6200, 6500 and 7000 all feature built-in safety functionality. With Safe Torque-Off, a drive output is disabled to remove motor torque without removing power from the entire machine. Safe Speed Monitoring permits you to reduce and monitor the speed of your application to help allow an operator to safely perform some types of work without completely stopping the machine.

Safety Motor Control

RA-SP-05 Our Safety Motor Control products help reduce the risks associated with the operation and maintenance of electrical equipment. The CENTERLINE® ArcShield™ Arc-Resistant controller, and CENTERLINE 2500 and 2100 with ArcShield Motor Control Centers, provide rugged process control for applications requiring a higher level of personnel protection. Our ArmorStart® safety line of distributed motor controllers achieves Category 4 safety functionality while providing a safety solution integrated into your DeviceNet™ On-Machine™ safety installation. Our IEC safety contactors and control relays help protect personnel from unintended machine starts and loss of the safety function. The ElectroGuard® Safety Isolation system simplifies operator lockout/tagout procedures to help improve compliance and productivity.

Safety Programmable Controllers

RA-SP-06 Our Safety PLC systems bring the benefits of traditional PLC systems to complex safety applications, replacing the hard-wired relay systems normally required to bring automated processes to a safe state. Safety PLCs allow standard and safety-related programs to reside in a single controller chassis, providing flexibility in programming as well as a familiar and easy-to-use environment for programmers. Our safety controller solutions provide open and integrated control that will help to ensure machine safety and protect your current control investments.

Safety Push Buttons & Signaling Devices

RA-SP-07 Our Safety Push Buttons and Signaling Devices include a variety of emergency stop devices and grip switches that help ensure safe working conditions for personnel. These critical components provide high quality and reliability for your machine and process safety applications.

Safety Relays & Timers

RA-SP-08 Our Safety Relays and Timers can be used in a variety of safety-related control applications to help protect personnel from unintended machine starts and loss of the safety function. Products include monitoring safety relays, timing control units, safety control relays, and single function and expansion relays. Specialty relays are also available for a wide-range of high-risk applications.

Safety Sensors & Switches

RA-SP-09 Our Safety Switches and Sensors are designed and built to global standards for high reliability, stability, and quality. Safety sensor products include light curtains, safety edges and mats, and laser scanners. Safety switches include limit and interlock switches.






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