Machine Safety Risk Analysis

Machine Safety Risk Analysis

The foundation to any successful machine safety program is a risk assessment. Leading safety organizations including TUV, IEC, NFPA, ANSI and ASSE have recognized and promoted the benefits associated with performing risk assessments based on industry published methodologies. Today, safety-related standards and industry guidelines are being updated to reflect the need for conducting risk assessments. Your Rockwell Automation Risk Assessment will provide:

  • A repeatable process that can help improve machine safeguarding and act as a guide towards achieving regulatory compliance
  • Clarification of safeguarding requirements and definition of the appropriate control circuit architecture and safety performance level needed for compliance
  • Documented evidence of intent to produce a safer product or workplace
  • A baseline that can be referenced during periodic inspections of the machine to help assure all safeguards are still implemented and working properly. As production dictates changes in machine operations, previous risk assessments can be quickly updated to reflect any new hazards and mitigation plans associated with the modification
  • Identification of potentially hazardous situations that may be missed by using any other method of risk assessment (Rockwell Automation utilizes a task-based methodology)
  • The framework to create a positive staff attitude around machine safety. By involving technicians in the safeguarding process, the technicians can better understand why a machine needs to be guarded in a particular manner and; therefore, may be more likely to accept the new safeguard
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