Sensors & Switches

Sensors & Switches

We provide reliable, flexible, high-performance sensors and switches. We offer one of the broadest line in the industry including proximity and photoelectric sensors, limit switches and safety switches, and RFID and operator safety devices. Our knowledgeable team is ready to tackle your toughest application challenges.

Condition Sensors

RA-SS-01 Our condition sensors communicate process variable information to automatically sequence equipment or provide a signal to operators for manual operation. Featuring electromechanical and solid-state solutions, our condition sensors can lower your total operating costs by helping to improve processes and systems, reduce downtime, protect expensive equipment and safeguard operators.

Presence Sensing

RA-SS-02 Our Presence Sensors detect the location of objects or personnel near hazardous areas.

Hazardous Location Switches

RA-SS-03 Our Hazardous Location Switches are designed for use in applications such as refineries, distilleries, grain elevators and flour mills where dangerous gases or other materials may be present.

Limit Switches

RA-SS-04 Our Limit Switches are electro-mechanical devices that consist of an actuator mechanically linked to a set of contacts. When an object comes into contact with the actuator, the device operates the contacts to make or break an electrical connection. Our limit switches work in a variety of applications and environments because of their ruggedness, simple visible operation, easy installation and reliable operation.

Safety Interlock Switches

RA-SS-05 Our Safety Interlock Switches are a means of safeguarding that monitors the position of a guard or gate. You can use them to shut off power, control personnel access and prevent a machine from starting when the guard is open.

Safety Sensors & Switches

RA-SS-06 Our Safety Switches and Sensors are designed and built to global standards for high reliability, stability, and quality. Safety sensor products include light curtains, safety edges and mats, and laser scanners. Safety switches include limit and interlock switches. 





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