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IO Link



Smart Sensors with IO-Link technology enable smart machines for the Connected Enterprise.

IO-Link is a worldwide open-standard peer-to-peer serial communication protocol (IEC 61131-9) that allows sensors and
actuators to easily integrate into The Connected Enterprise. Through IO-Link you can access all sensor configuration parameters, process data and diagnostics. You can go beyond detecting products on your machine – now you can MONITOR your machine‘s health as it runs. Plus, IO-Link simplifies setup and commissioning while offering enhanced flexibility for your current – and future processes.

  • An IO‐Link system consists of IO‐Link devices (sensors and/or actuators), standard 3‐wire cables
  • IO‐Link master
  • Sensors featuring IO-Link act the same as the standard I/O sensors until connected to a IO-Link master

IO LKink Sensors

1734-4IOL IO Link Master for Point IO

1734-4IOL IO-Link Master for Point I/O

• Enables connection of up to four devices (IO-Link enabled or standard I/O)
• Wired the same way as standard I/O
• Supported exclusively by 1734-AENTR series B Ethernet adapter


IO Link Photoelectric Sensors

Photoelectric Sensors (42JT, 42EF)

• Sensor diagnostics minimize downtime by indicating when the sensor requires maintenance or replacement
• Unique product serial numbers help ensure that sensors are installed in the proper locations during commissioning

• Multiple teach modes (standard, precision and dynamic) allow the sensors to be set up quickly and easily to best suit the application

IO Link Proximity Sensor

Proximity Sensors (871TM, 871C, 871FM)

• Margin status helps optimize sensor installation for best performance
• On-delay/off-delay timing and event counter can be set directly in the sensor
• The internal temperature of the sensor is continuously measured and can be used for diagnostic or preventative maintenance

Specialty Sensors (45CRM Color

Registration, 45LMS Laser Measurement)
• Multiple sensor setups (profiles) can be stored to support manufacturing of different products/packages

• Location indication helps the user to pinpoint the sensor on the machine by temporarily increasing the flash of the diagnostic/status LEDs

• Local sensor settings can be locked when operating in IO-Link mode, preventing adjustments by unauthorized personnel

Features and Benefits

  • Rockwell Automation is the only supplier that offers the controller, IO-Link master and IO-Link sensors
  • Premier Integration: When using the full Rockwell Automation solution, customers are afforded an enhanced level of integration plus features and functionality not available with competitive offerings. This includes:
  • Studio 5000 Logix Designer, a single programming environment that provides access to IO data and configuration parameters across the entire Integrated Architecture system
  • Add-on-Profile (AOP) that simplifies the setup of Allen-Bradley IO-Link devices by organizing sensor information and configurable parameters for intuitive programming
  • Automatic Device Configuration (ADC): Sensor configurations can be stored in the Logix controller and downloaded to new/replacement sensors (of the same catalog number) without the need for re-teaching/re-programming
  • Tag Names and structure for IO-Link process data are automatically generated from the sensor IO Device Description (IODD) files
  • Correlation of the Read-Write (RW) parameter values of connected IO-Link devices is compared to those stored in the controller so any differences can be mitigated (only while online in run-mode)

Typical Layout

IO Link layout

Video on IO-Link Solutions

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