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Typical Configurations of Simple-to-Select ProductsEndress+Hauser


HESCO offers a broad range of Endress+Hauser instrumentation. From simple-to-apply products off the shelf instruments, to more complex process automation challenges HESCO can assist in finding the solution right for you.

Endress+Hauser instrumentation products are designed and built with the high level of quality that has made Endress+Hauser instrumentation the choice for customers around the world.

Large Selection of Preconfigured Products

One challenge of purchasing instrumentation directly is selecting the correct configuration. Customers often require consultation to determine the correct sizing, range, or even process connection for measurement instruments and, the appropriate accessories can cause additional confusion.  Endress+Hauser offers products that range from level, flow, pressure and temperature measurement instrumentation.

Digital IndicatorsE+H Indicators

Several varieties of digital indicators are available from Endress+Hauser. These indicators detect, evaluate, and display analog process values. The integrated loop power supply is ideal for powering two-wire sensors, They are ideal for use in control rooms, switch cabinets and laboratories, and models are also available that can be installed within hazardous areas. Application examples are shown for each available indicator to help the customer determine which indicator is best suited for the requirement. Each indicator offers special functionality one example is an integrated “differential pressure” application package which allows quick and easy initiation in differential pressure applications. Another indicator offers HART® communication sockets for bi-directional communication to smart transmitters.

Pressure SwitchesE+H Pressure Switches

A number of devices for pressure applications are available. Endress+Hauser offers pressure switches for absolute and gauge pressures, with special versions available for use in the regulated industries like food and beverage processing The switches are designed for monitoring and controlling pressures in non-hazardous applications and are available with a wide range of process connections and measuring ranges. Two types of measuring cell technologies are available: ceramic cells up to 600 psi and metallic cells up to 6000 psi.

Contact HESCO for application information and technical data and drawings that depict optimum installation and show accessories and related products that may be required for data capture or measurement.




Flow SwitchesE+H Flow Switches

Flow switches as well a unique electromagnetic flowmeter are available from Endress+Hauser. Flow switches measure the mass flow of a liquid and display relative mass flow rates. Application examples include monitoring cooling water circulation systems of pumps, turbines, compressors and heat exchangers. The surprisingly easy to install electromagnetic flowmeter can be used in water or water service applications and has the required drinking water approvals making it an option customers may not have realized they had before.





Temperature SwitchesE+H Temp Switches

Temperature switches, compact thermometers, RTD thermometers, and temperature transmitters are also available. Temperature switches monitor, display and control process temperatures and are available with a wide range of process connections and in hygienic applications. They feature high reproducibility, long-term stability, stainless steel housings and fast response times. Temperature transmitters are available as either head transmitters or rail mounted devices. Two-wire transmitters offer an analog output, thermocouple input, even a three- or four-wire resistance thermometer input.




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