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Safeside products are Permanent Electrical Safety Devices (PESDs). PESDs are a family of electrical components hardwired to a source of voltages and installed into electrical systems. They enable workers to verify the voltage status of equipment without exposure to the hazard. PESDs reduce the likelihood of arc flash and shock hazard because they diminish voltage exposure, provide voltage labeling on all sources and allow for 24/7/365 visual and/or audible indication of voltage. While PESDs cannot be used as the sole device to check for the absence of voltage, when partnered with a voltmeter, they create an electrically safer work condition. This allows for workers’ exposure to shock and arc flash hazards to be further diminished during LOTO procedures because workers have no susceptibility to voltage.


PESD Voltmeter

The PESD becomes a safety device only after it is included as part of a written LOTO procedure. Without being included in written LOTO procedures, PESDs are nothing more than just another electrical component. The LOTO procedure must explain to the worker each step in the LOTO procedure that involves the PESD. At a minimum, workers will need to verify proper operation of the PESD before and after performing a LOTO procedure. The integrated test points of the Safeside products allow verification testing with a voltmeter as part of the LOTO protocol.

SafeSide PESD products include Voltage Indiactors, Voltage Portals, and combination Indicator/portal products.

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