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More than ever before, safety and compliance are primary manufacturing concerns. Freshness and shelf-life are increasingly important. Producing quality goods at the lowest possible cost puts you at the competitive edge. Your customers are demanding greater variety than ever before. The key to sustaining performance is your ability to increase your number and mix of products.  At the same time, high priorities are food safety and security to protect your brand image and value in the market. Hardy can help you respond to these daily challenges.

Batching and Blending

Batch manufacturing involves sequentially or simultaneously adding one or more ingredients into a vessel by weight and then discharging the batch (sum of all the ingredients) to a downstream process.  The vessel can be a simple hopper or tank, or could contain a built-in mixer, an agitator, or heating and cooling jacket. Ingredients are conveyed, extruded, vibrated, pumped, hand delivered, or gravity-fed to gates or valves above the vessel. Process weighing ensures the accuracy of the mix and makes the results highly repeatable to ensure quality control. HESCO is pleased to offer Hardy Process solutions.

The Pharmaceutical & Biotech industries are under pressure to keep up with changes such as the shift to low cost drugs in emerging markets and the requirement for drugs that effectively satisfy unmet medical needs. A key driver is product safety and new products that meet FDA regulations. To operate at a profit, manufacturers are looking for ways to improve efficiency and increase productivity. Hardy helps respond to these daily challenges.

Batching by Weight

Precise measurement is critical for batching and blending of ingredients.  Just a fraction of a percentage off and your batch could be ruined, wasting precious money and resources. Introducing batch weighing into the process involves sequentially or simultaneously adding ingredients into a vessel by weight and then discharging the batch (sum of all the ingredients) to downstream processors.

Opening a food tank to blend in small ingredients.

Blending by Rate

Batch blending by rate control is a “loss-of-weight” application where multiple ingredients are added to a single vessel at the same time and the rate that they are added is measured and controlled.

Closed-loop rate controllers are for use in a variety of applications, including auger, belt and vibratory-based feeders, converting them from volumetric to gravimetric.

Loss-in-Weight by Rate Control

Rate by weight is the measurement of an amount of a material which enters into or is dispensed from a vessel over a given period of time. Solids, liquids or gases can be monitored or precisely controlled using screw- or auger-based feeders, vibratory feeders, conveyors, belt feeders, variable valves and pumps. Loss-In-Weight Closed Loop Rate Control can support a variety of applications.

Metal ore moves on a continues conveyer

Continuous Belt and Feeder Weighing

Modern manufacturing plants often depend on continuous conveyance systems and feeders to transform raw materials into finished goods. In motion raw materials need to be weighed to ensure the ingredient mix is correct and that the finished goods meet quality standards.

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