Hardy HI 6600 Series Modular Sensor System

HardyLogoThe HI 6600 series is a modular system of weight processors that deliver up to 30 channels of fast, stable, high-resolution weight readings to PLCs, PACs and DSCs over a single fieldbus network connection. Ideal for applications that require more than one channel of weight, such as inventory tank farms, batching systems and multi-head filling machinery; each channel of the HI 6600 processes signals from up to four connected load cells then outputs the entire system’s weight data over EtherNet/IP, Ethernet TCP/IP, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP or Profibus-DP.




Just snap the number of weight channels you need onto a DIN rail, cable the units together to the Gateway Module using standard Cat5e cable, connect sensors, power up and press DISCOVER- the system will automatically identify all the modules connected together and make them addressable for set-up and calibration through the PLC, embedded Webserver or optional display. A Rockwell EDS_AOP simplifies integration using RSLogix.


  • Easy to mount, set‐up, calibrate and maintain
  • Communicates over EtherNet/IP or Profibus‐DP with additional support for Modbus‐TCP/IP and
    Modbus‐RTU,  Serial (232/485), Ethernet‐UDP and TCP/IP
  • Uses just a single Ethernet address for up to 30 channels of weight
  • A 30 channel system with one Hardy Gateway Module takes up just 40” of rack space
  • WPMs consume just 1.72 watts per channel powering up to 4 load cells with the HGM
    consuming just 3.9 watts with an optional front panel display.
  • Back up configuration data from the entire system to using a standard USB memory stick
  • A Rockwell EDS Add‐on‐Profile (EDS_AOP) makes setting up the HI 6600 series in RSLogix or
    Studio5000 simple and easy
  • Optional Display functions as a user interface for the entire weighing system; allowing set‐up,
    calibration, monitoring and troubleshooting without the need to go through the PLC

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