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Anybus: Multi-network connectivity within fieldbus and industrial Ethernet

Anybus Embedded: Integrated connectivity products
By embedding an Anybus solution into your device, you enable it to connect to any fieldbus or industrial Ethernet network. It doesn’t matter if you manufacture robots, drives, weight scales or any other industrial device — Anybus products will seamlessly integrate into your device and get you connected.Anybus Gateways: Stand-alone connectivity products
Anybus gateways are stand-alone “translators” connecting devices, machines, networks and PLC systems. There are more than 300 individual off-the-shelf gateways available to help solve almost any kind of connectivity situation involving fieldbus and industrial Ethernet networks.

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IXXAT: Communication solutions for machines, safety and automotive

Under the IXXAT brand, HMS offers communication solutions for machines, safety and automotive. IXXAT technology is widely used for communication between components within machines and includes standardized software and hardware as well as customized OEM solutions.

With a long track record within CAN-related connectivity, IXXAT solutions enable communication inside machines, industrial automation devices, medical equipment etc. Especially for the automotive industry, IXXAT provides solutions combining CAN, FlexRay, Lin and Ethernet technology.

The IXXAT brand also includes safety solutions for industrial communication.


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Netbiter: Remote Management of industrial equipment

Monitor and control field equipment remotely
The Netbiter remote management solution gives you instant access and control of your field equipment. You can view all parameters online in a standard web interface and also get alarms via e-mail or SMS.

A Netbiter communication gateway in the field sends data via Ethernet or the mobile phone network to a cloud-based server called Netbiter Argos. You access your equipment securely at


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