Hoffman Modular Enclosure Systems

Proline-G2bHESCO is pleased to offer the new Hoffman PROLINE G2 Modular Enclosure Systems, designed to bear the advanced loads and harsh environments of industrial applications, while making the electrical enclosure easier to use and faster to populate.

PROLINE G2 raises the level of innovation, quality and value in modular electrical enclosures.


Some of the benefits include:

  • Superior performance under load – designed and tested for industrial environments
  • Maximized usable space – more room for your electronics; same footprint
  • Easier and faster to load electronics – save time and money
  • Built to last – durable materials and quality components
  • Expanded standard size options – quickly get what you want with over 150 standard frame options and over 350 standard industrial package options

PROLINE G2 features an innovative modular design which offers the following benefits:

  • Better Interior Access
    • Removable doors, tops, sides and bases.
  • More Mounting Options
    • Multiple subpanels, rack mounting, swing-out panels or
      racks, grid system mounting.Hoffman Proline G2
  • Designed to Join/Bay
    • Join enclosures without field modification. Easier to move
      and ship large systems.
  • Custom Solutions from Standard Components
    • Hundreds of components and accessories that can be used to
      create unique plug and play solutions.



•  Industrial automation controls (PLC, VFD)
•  Process controls (DCS, SCADA, Safety Systems)
•  Networking in industrial environments
•  Electrical panels
•  Equipment protection
•  Power distribution
•  HMI controls


PROLINE enclosures consist of a rugged frame that protects your equipment from the stresses of movement and shipping. Select from a wide variety of tops, bases, covers, sides and doors to configure a customized solution. After you’ve selected the external components, the complete PROLINE offering of rack angle, subpanel and grid mounting options allows you to install your equipment securely within the enclosure. Mounting options accommodate rack mount equipment, operator interfaces ,industrial control equipment and computer systems, as well as manage wiring and cabling   

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