Hubbell Killark

Hubbell Killark DistributorHubbell-Killark is a global provider of harsh and hazardous location products. The Hubbell Killark range encompasses industrial and explosion proof fittings engineered to withstand the toughest extremes in climate with Safety and reliability a cornerstone of their offerings for almost a century. With the ability to supply lower cost total system solutions and savings over the entire lifetime of a project.

Hubbell Killark Enclosures / OEM Solutions / Controls

Killark Enclosures

HESCO offers an extensive range of Killark bolted and threaded enclosures which are utilized daily for use with control, monitoring, detection, and automation products.
The Killark product portfolio of control products come in both metallic and non-metallic designs. The size and depth of the control product range enable us to provide the best solutions to your control problems.



Hubbell Killark Distribution and Control Equipment

Killark Distribution and COntrolHESCO offers Killark solutions for distribution and control applications compatible with both North American and IEC Standards. From lighting, trace heating and power distribution applications to complex PLC control systems. Their diverse product range allows use of multiple enclosure coupling techniques to cater to client requirements.

From single point protection to rack applications, Killark provides cost effective solutions with high quality, reliability and ease-of-maintenance built in.



Hubbell Killark Plugs and Receptacles

Killark Plugs and ReceptaclesHESCO has Killark plugs and receptacles ranging from 20 Amp bladed style to 200 Amp pin & sleeve configurations.  Killark provides numerous solutions for safely supplying power to fixed and portable equipment in hostile environments. With interchangeability with the other manufacturers configurations, Killark products provide flexibility for real world applications. The range also has exclusive features such as breech-lock caps with a “3rd Hand” notch.

Devices include plugs, receptacles, panel receptacles, and connectors to extend the reach of portable equipment. For personnel safety, ground fault protected receptacles, both portable and fixed, are available.


Hubbell Killark Connectors and Fittings

Killark fittings and connectorsHESCO recognizes that a major factor in all harsh and hazardous environments is the ability to provide reliable cable terminations and conduit connections. Toward that goal, we offer Killark connectors and fittings including:

  • Copper-Free Aluminum Connectors are designed to terminate jacketed interlocked cables (MC), corrugated continuously welded metal clad cables (MC-HL) and non-armored cables (SO, TC)
  • Iron and Aluminum Fittings for rigid and IMC conduit raceway systems. Third party certified to NEC, CEC, ATEX and IEC standards which enables equipment and installations to be suitable for global applications.


Let HESCO sales provide guidance in selecting an Killark products to assure its ratings meet or exceed the requirements based on your application and its area of use.


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