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HESCO is the authorized distributor for Hubbell Kellems and Killark for the Connecticut area. We maintain a local inventory for quick delivery and have access to the entire line of quality Hubbell products.


Hubbell is a leading manufacturer of high quality wiring devices, wiring systems, wire management, floor boxes and covers, raceway, interconnect systems and GFCI / Tamper-resistant products, and electric vehicle charging stations.

For more than a century, Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems has offered distributors, end-user customers and specifers the electrical and electronic wiring devices, wire management systems, and specialized wiring products and solutions needed for industrial, institutional, commercial, and
residential markets. Not only do Hubbell products and solutions make it easy to save time and money while ensuring consistency during installation – but they’re also designed with safety and energy efficiency as top priorities.
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Killark is a leading manufacturer of electrical enclosures,junction boxes, Fittings, Distribution equipment, Industrial control panel operators,Plugs and receptacles etc. HESCO sales can provide guidance in selecting an enclosure to assure its ratings meet or exceed the requirements for your application and all the Killark peripheral components.
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