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Hubbell-Kellems Advantage™ Series

Hubbell Advantage series

hubbellHubbell Wiring Device-Kellems has combined the advantages of their top performing IEC pin & sleeve with the capabilities of a UL2682 switch-rated device.  Hubbell’s standard industrial pin and sleeve is HP rated and recognized as a disconnecting means.  However, the new Advantage Series is for customers that are interested in more.  The Advantage™ Series are the only Switch-Rated IEC Pin & Sleeve Devices in the market.  Advantage series works with existing installed IEC 60309-2 pin and sleeve plug and inlet bases.  IEC 60309-1 and -2 defines performance and dimensional requirements to ensure safe interchangeability between all IEC 60309-2 pin & sleeve manufacturers

Advantage™ Series provide:

  • Water & Dust Ingress Protection: Advantage series are UL 50E Type 4X Tested with high flow water (65 gallons of water per minute thru 1” hose) directed at all joints of the enclosure for 5 minutes. IP69k Water Test Extremely Hot (176˚) and High Pressure Water (1450 psi) sprayed from various angles assuring their safe use for extreme wash down procedures.
  • IP69k Dust Tested in a dust chamber for 8 hours while a vacuum tries to pull dust into the sealed device.
  • Power Indicating LED Lights Provides for visual verification of power when connected.
  • Spring-Loaded Cover Spring-loaded to the open position, reminding users that the cover must be secured to ensure maximum ingress protection.
  • Impact Resistant Cover Arm Compact and durable internal swing arm is fully shrouded protecting it from damage.
  • Spring-Loaded Disconnect Button Oversized for easy actuation with gloved hands.
  • Heavy Duty External Cord Grips Provides maximum cord retention to maintain unstressed terminations.
  • Pocketed Recess for Screws Deters slippage of the screwdriver and are conveniently located on the same side for easy installation.
  • Continuous Ground Engagement Unswitched feed-thru ground pin is first-to-make and last-to-break followed by switched neutral and phase contact(s).
  • Easy to keep clean making it ideal for hygienic food processing facilities.
  • Permanent Labelless Markings Product ratings are laser-marked into the device and will not wash off for easy and permanent identification.



Hubbell Advantage Specs

Hubbell Advantage specs2




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