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LeesonlogobIf your business has requirements for customized motors that needs specific modifications, HESCO recommends Leeson Motors MOD SQUAD program. With over 6,000 stock motor offerings and 29 unique motor modification programs available, Leeson can “Customize” a motor to meet your application needs.

Available Modifications:

Bearing Modifications:

  • Change standard Shielded bearings to Sealed bearings
  • Change bearing type to a low temperature bearing
  • Install Insulated bearings to protect against stray voltage currents


Brakemotor Modifications:

  • Change existing motor brake to a weatherproof brake
  • Change torque rating of existing brake
  • Change brake coil voltage
  • Install LEESON Brake Kit on a Stock LEESON motor
  • Install Coupler Brake Kit on a LEESON or Lincoln Stock C-Face motor


Cords, Plugs and Grounding Provision modifications:

  • Install grounded line cord on single-phase motors – without plug
  • Install 6-foot grounded type cord, with plug on single-phase motors
  • Add an additional grounding screw to NEMA 48 and 56 Frame motors


Switches – Power Plug or Electronic Starting:

  • Install on-off switch to 2 HP and smaller single-phase motors. Includes double-pole, single-throw switch in conduit box with switch guard and 6-foot, S.O. type cord
  • Replace mechanical centrifugal switch and stationary switch with a solid-state, electronic starting switch
Severe Duty – Cast Iron Fan Covers:

  • Install Cast Iron fan guard on cast iron motors having a Steel fan guard


Condensate Drains:

  • Install one or two condensation drains on 215T and smaller rolled Steel motors
  • Install an additional one-way, stainless steel, condensation drain on 182T and larger cast iron motors


Add Drip Covers:

  • Install a drip cover on steel frame or cast iron, ODP type, motors


Leads – Reconnect, Remark and Extend

  • Re-connect leads in the motor’s conduit box
  • Re-mark motor leads using metal markers
  • Add Crimp-type terminal lugs to Steel frame motors


Shaft Seals:

  • Install and oil seal on 215T and smaller steel frame motors



  • Add a stamped Steel base to a rolled Steel frame, 215T frame and smaller motor
  • Re-move a stamped Steel base on a 145T frame and smaller motor
  • Install a C-Face Kit on a non-C-Face 48 through 449T frame motor
  • Install a D-Flange on a 182T through 445T cast iron motor
  • Convert standard F1 motors to F2, sidewall or ceiling mount
  • Re-locate conduit box on NEMA 56-145T frame motors
  • Install B5 or B14 Flanges on IEC motors



  • Provide an extra motor nameplate-un-mounted. UL and CSA cannot be listed
  • Replace existing motor’s nameplate with new nameplate having customer’s part number, re-rate voltage or frequency
  • Replace standard motor’s aluminum or Mylar nameplate with a stainless Steel nameplate



  • Repaint motor to another LEESON or Lincoln stock color paint


Rodent Screens:

  • Add rodent screen to a LEESON ODP motor 182T through 326T frame


Space Heaters:

  • Add anti-condensation space heaters to totally enclosed or open motors


Lint-Proof Textile Service Motors:

  • Convert a standard LEESON TEFC motor, 56 – 184T, to a textile service motor


Motor Protection:

  • Exchange a manual overload to an automatic overload on a single-phase motor
  • Add a thermostat or thermistor to an AC or DC motor


Fungus Proofing and Tropicalization:

  • Special treatment to the motor’s windings and mechanical parts to resist tropical environments


Marine Service (IEEE-45) Motors:

  • Treatment to a 3-phase, TEFC, motor of the mechanical and electrical components for application below deck aboard ships.


Shaft Modifications:

  • Drill and tap one hole in either end of motor’s shaft or mill a flat on the drive end shaft extension
  • Convert a TEFC design motor to a TEAO motor


Tachometer Mounting Provisions – DC Motors:

  • Add a tachometer mounting kit to a NEMA frame DC motor


CE Marking:

  • Modify motor to comply with the nameplate designation for CE


AC Inverters – Remote Keypads:

  • Install a remote keypad on our AC Inverters


Terminal Blocks – NEMA Motors:

  • Add a terminal block in the conduit box of a rolled steel motor, 56-215T frame, or to a cast iron, 182T – 440T, frame motor


Dynamic Braking Board – Micro Series Inverters:

  • Install Dynamic Braking board in a Micro Series AC inverter


Encoder Kits – Wattsaver and Speedmaster Motors:

  • Install a stock Encoder kit on a Wattsaver, Speedmaster or CTAC line of Inverter Duty motors


Blower Fan Kits:

  • Install a blower fan kit on a LEESON TEFC motor – 56 through 440T Frame Motors


Conduit Box Kits – Larger Size:

  • Install a larger size conduit box on a Lincoln brand motor – 213T through 445T Frame Motors



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