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Today, customers look to HESCO’s partner, Panduit, as a trusted adviser who works with them to address their most critical business challenges within their Data Center,  Enterprise, and Industrial environments. Panduit’s proven reputation for quality and technology leadership coupled with a robust  ecosystem of partners across the world enables Panduit to deliver comprehensive solutions that unify the physical infrastructure to help customers achieve operational and financial goals.

HESCO offers Panduit optimization solutions for reducing production downtime and increasing productivity by:

  • Reducing noise and signal interference
  • Optimizing maintenance diagnostics and traceability
  • Improving workplace safety compliance
  • Enhancing network security
  • Ensuring regulatory requirements are met


Structured and Point to Point Cabling and Hardware

When assessing your distributed control cabling and network topology to determine whether you should use structured cabling or point to point cabling, the primary considerations are your design specs, network longevity, maintainability and installation. These considerations will help you choose the best cabling option for industrial automation application. Panduit products provide  wire management solution for routing, protecting, and concealing wiring in control panels.



Panduit Panel Optimization

Panduit Contrrol Panel cover

HESCO offers control panel solutions from Panduit that have the broadest range of options for the most demanding requirements and applications. Through innovative product systems and services we help you save valuable panel space, mitigate disruptions due to electrical/mechanical noise, enable and future proof your network, and improve reliability.

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Panduit Network Architecture

Panduit Integrated Network Zone System

Companies today are challenged to connect their enterprise network to the factory floor. This demand for integrated communications requires careful planning and product selection. Improper or inadequate planning can lead to ‘network sprawl’—network architectures that grow out of control as a result of adding devices and connections haphazardly—limiting the ability to manage or diagnose issues when trouble arises.

To address this demand HESCO partners with Panduit to offer zone cabling solutions optimized for industrial network applications. These solutions enable deployment of flexible and secure EtherNet/IP network architectures that meet current needs and allow for seamless moves, adds and changes.

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Panduit Smart Zone Rack Energy Kits

Panduit Smart Zone Rack Kit

Smart Zone Rack Energy Kits a DCIM solution specifically designed to provide cost-effective power and environmental monitoring for small data center environments with 30 or fewer racks and cabinets. Smart Zone utilizes a simple, yet intuitive GUI to display live and historical views of monitored power, and environmental data readings to identify possible service issues and send alert notifications.

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Panduit Industrial Automation Solutions

Panduit Industrial Automation

Improve Reliability, Security, and Safety with Panduit
The physical infrastructure forms the foundation that creates and supports the power and communication channels connecting a distributed system. These systems are tasked with the demands of real-time control, process data collection, and device configuration. Each element of the physical infrastructure must be designed and deployed to ensure that industrial network channels remain reliable with sufficient performance margin, proper environmental rating, and with the foremost security features.

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Panduit Network Convergence

To deploy connectivity to both automation devices that are critical to machine and process line
systems as well as support connectivity to non-automation devices such as wireless access points, digital
signage, video surveillance, energy and building automation systems nodes. To address this challenge,
validated architectures and tested physical solutions that integrate information and control systems are growing
in importance. This white paper describes how Panduit Industrial Network Deployment Solutions can improve
reliability, security, and safety of Industrial Automation systems. 

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Panduit Noise Mitigation


One of the core issues affecting performance and reliability of industrial control systems is electrical noise. The electrical noise emitted from sources such as Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) drives, power supplies and hard switched inductive leads like relays /contactors can adversely affect system efficiency and up-time by interfering with analog signals, industrial ethernet communications and Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) programs. High speed switching power systems in Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) and servo motion also introduce noise.  This paper describes Panduit’s Unified Physical Infrastructure approach to panel optimization which will minimize these issues and provide a stable control system in any environment. 

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Panduit Safety Products


HESCO offers Panduit’s comprehensive line of safety and facility identification products that are designed to assist with compliance of OSHA standards. Panduit’s lockout/tagout products include training programs, assistance in regulatory and group lockout training and compliment a complete line of lockout devices, tags and accessories. A wide variety of safety and facility products include stock signs, pipe markers, tags, warning labels, Arc Flash signage, voltage/electrical/fiber optic markers, quality/inspection labels, underground hazard tapes and on-demand print capabilities.

Panduit safety products help you take control of safety by:

  • Reducing time to compliance for LOTO procedures and arc flash analysis
  • Demonstrating proper procedures that bring equipment to a zero-energy state
  • Offering training that helps employees understand and comply with workplace safety regulations
  • Leveraging industry standards to make select safety devices and equipment; safeguarding energy sources with  lockout-tagout devices, facility signage  and labeling systems.

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Panduit Industrial Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Panduit UPS

Manufacturing companies can experience multiple power outages per year. When power goes out – production stops. Even short power “blips” can cause downtime, waiting 3 minutes or more for network or control equipment to restart costing companies thousands of dollars per power interruption. Think you are safe because you have a UPS, maybe not!  Ordinary UPS solutions rely on batteries; if your UPS battery fails, your risk of downtime goes up. Batteries require maintenance, adding operating and overhead expenses (inspections, testing, replacement and disposal).

The Panduit Industrial UPS uses Ultracapacitors instead of batteries, eliminating the #1 cause of UPS failures which, in turn, lowers the risk of downtime. The return-on-investment is up to two times better and Cost of Ownership is 50 to 70% lower than an ordinary UPS. Easy remote device management uses standard web browsers and FactoryTalk interoperability.

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