Workplace Safety are HESCO and Panduit's Top Priority

HESCO understands that employee and equipment safety is your top priority. As you create, upgrade or maintain your industrial network architecture and add new machinery and equipment, well thought out workplace safety products and procedures help keep accidents and tampering at bay.

To be in compliance with regulatory standards, a lockout-tagout (LOTO) procedure is required. This procedure can help ensure machines remain in a zero-energy state during maintenance. A comprehensive LOTO program must include machine specific procedures to bring equipment to a zero-energy state, a training curriculum for all employees in a facility and processes to maintain and adjust the program over time.

HESCO  and our partners Panduit and Rockwell Automation will work with you to implement a safety solution that provides employee safety and regulatory compliance.
Panduit safety products help you take control of safety by:
  • Reducing time to compliance for LOTO procedures and arc flash analysis
  • Demonstrating proper procedures that bring equipment to a zero-energy state
  • Offering training that helps employees understand and comply with workplace safety regulations
  • Leveraging industry standards to make select safety devices and equipment; safeguarding energy sources with  lockout-tagout devices ,   facility signage  and   labeling systems .

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