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The FactoryTalk® ProductionCentre® solution integrates quality management and business analytics with paperless shop floor and repair execution. This improves operational efficiencies while ensuring regulatory compliance and the highest levels of quality. This total plant solution enables you to improve quality and global operational efficiencies, reduce costs of regulatory compliance, accelerate time to market, and share real-time data on quality.

Deploys MES for Operational Excellence

Improving Competitiveness with Information: Insights from The Rockwell Automation Connected Enterprise Journey by Marty Thomas, Senior Vice President, Operations & Engineering Services, Rockwell Automation

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The Journey Toward The Connected Enterprise

The Journey Toward The Connected Enterprise.

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Create Dynamic Reports

How to create reports in FactoryTalk VantagePoint using data from FactoryTalk ProductionCentre.

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  • Enables rich thick client
  • Mobile and tablet solutions
  • HTML5 client user interfaces
  • Built on leading standards; based on Java EE7 technology for scalability performance and cost effectiveness
  • World class MES with pre-built functionality required by discrete, process and hybrid manufactures
  • Rich business layer with configurable business workflows, rules, and user experience
  • Provide comprehensive factory solutions for manufacturing operations
  • Information software portfolio that unifies enterprise operations
  • Industry suites that provide specific functionality for vertical industries
  • Fit for purpose applications that perform specialized functions and interoperate
  • Architecture that is proven, scalable and flexible
  • Innovative, cost-effective solutions that deploy easily and scale with the organization
  • Configurable business workflows, rules and user experience
  • Fit for Purpose Applications that Perform Specialized Functions and Interoperate
  • Architecture that is Proven, Scalability & Flexible
  • Innovative, Cost Effective Solutions that Deploy Easily & Scale with the Organization
  • Configurable Business Workflows, Rules & User Experience


  • Standardized business practices and global visibility
  • Helps reduce IT lifecycle costs: installation, configuration, management and maintenance
  • Manage global plants and facilities including suppliers, customers and partners
  • Integration with other enterprise applications
  • Improve collaboration and efficiency across multiple facilites
  • Effectively control as-ordered, as-built and as-shipped manufacturing cycles
  • Multi-site customer deployment globally, centrally, distributed and cloud
  • Helps standarize business practices and improve workflows
  • Helps provide global visibility to operations throughout the enterprise

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Design and Configuration

  • Single design and configuration environment
  • Model manufacturing processes
  • Form builder and workflow designer

Production Management

  • Process and discrete order management
  • Batch, lot and unit tracking and history
  • Consumables and productions

Material  Management (Inventory Management)

  • Material, equipment and operator traceability
  • Material visibility, WIP and finished products

Recipe Management & Execution

  • BOM & route configuration
  • Master recipe, MFC & control recipe

Quality and Compliance

  • Quality recipe configuration
  • Quality business process workflow enforcement
  • Sample plans
  • In-process quality sampling
  • Quality reports

Data Management

  • DataMart for analytics integration with business and other manufacturing systems
  • Enterprise-wide rollup of production and quality data
  • Transform, clean and distribute data from and into applications, files, databases and data warehouses

Performance Management

  • Overall equipment effectiveness
  • Global real-time visibility
  • Data collection configuration
  • Performance reports and dashboard

User Management, Access Control, eSignatures

  • Audit trail, versioning and tracking
  • Automation layer integration
  • Business system integration

System Requirements

System Requirements

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User Guides

FactoryTalk ProductionCentre support guide

FactoryTalk ProductionCentre support guide

See the details for optimizing your ProductionCentre installation.

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