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FactoryTalk® Metrics gives you the data that can reveal new ways to increase production, reduce costs, and increase quality. By generating accurate reporting of real plant floor activity, this software gives you important insights into using existing equipment and labor more effectively. FactoryTalk Metrics reports on OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), but it is more than just an OEE reporting tool. OEE can tell you how a machine is performing over time; it cannot tell you why the machine is performing at that level. FactoryTalk Metrics answers the “why” question, uncovering the root-causes of downtime and loss helps you make real improvements to performance.

Save Time, Share Information

Create Excel reports in FactoryTalk® VantagePoint EMI from FactoryTalk Metrics data and then publish the reports in the web-based portal for others in your company to view

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Cut Downtime, Improve Control

Cut Downtime, Improve Control

Global cosmetics company sees detailed machine data from multiple control systems and gains accurate reporting on machine performance, including OEE metrics and 14 key performance indicators

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Increase Accuracy of OEE Data

Increase Accuracy of OEE Data

Automatic data collection and real-time reporting with FactoryTalk® Metrics for Cement Manufacturer

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FactoryTalk® Metrics is a complete system for efficiency monitoring, event collection, and analysis. It offers:

  • Uptime/downtime monitoring, along with any number of user-defined machine events, which identify the causes of inefficiency
  • Accounting for all time using a built-in state engine
  • Reporting of OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and 14 other standard performance indicators
  • Reporting of all data (event, state, performance) by nine built-in dimensions:
    • Plant Model (S95 compliant), time, shift, part
    • User-defined dimensions, such as operator, work order, batch, etc.
  • Easy, flexible, scalable configuration
  • Compatibility with any control system PLCs and HMIs using OPC standards
  • Reliable, accurate 24/7 automated data collection from the control system
  • Data storage in a standardized, efficient, usable form
  • Highly configurable data collection formulas and calculations to minimize or eliminate modifications to control system programs
  • Access to all reports with a Web browser
  • Out-of-the-box reports, with powerful customization using dynamic parameters
  • Automatic data collection configuration using a ControlLogix-compatible UDT
  • Manual editing of collected data
  • Support for manual data entry for machines with no control system infrastructure


FactoryTalk® Metrics can help you identify the true causes of inefficiency, so you can refine, streamline, and prioritize your process improvement initiatives for maximum results. Customers often experience OEE improvements of 10-30%, but even small improvements in efficiency can add up and lead to huge bottom-line results. FactoryTalk Metrics can help you:

  • Increase production capacity — produce more product, revenue, and profit in the same amount of time
  • Decrease manufacturing costs — reduce overtime, reduce labor costs, lower per-unit costs
  • Defer capital expenditures — produce more using your current equipment
  • Decrease overhead costs — eliminate manual data collection and report preparation
  • Empower continuous improvement — qutomatic data collection increases the efficiency of improvement projects

Latest Releases

FactoryTalk Metrics 11.50

  • Adds support for Windows 2012
  • Adds support for SQL Server 2012 SP1 Standard Edition (which is included)
  • Includes bundled version of FactoryTalk® VantagePoint EMI v6.0 and FactoryTalk Services Platform v2.60 (CPR 9 SR 6)
  • Drops support for Windows 2003 and SQL Server 2005

Report Expert Improvements:

  • New Root Cause Analysis report template with ability to filter Machine States
  • New EventDetailPaged report template
  • Event Comments added to two Event Detail report templates
  • New Grouping option to show record-level production data
  • Option to configure Report Expert to reference server by IP address instead of name

System Requirements

Server Requirements

FactoryTalk® Metrics is a highly configurable and scalable application, and hardware requirements for a server vary considerably depending upon the size and architecture of the application.

For a small application where all FactoryTalk Metrics and SQL Server services are running on one computer or for larger applications where there is a separate database server, the server computer should be a “server class” machine and must meet the following requirements:

Processor 2.0 GHz 64-bit processor or higher
Memory 4GB or more
Operating System Windows Server 2012

  • Standard Edition 64-bit

Windows Server 2008

  • R2 Standard Edition with Service Pack 1 64-bit
Storage 10GB free or more

Additional Requirements

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition Service Pack 1 64-bit (provided) or Micrsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard Edition Service Pack 2 64-bit
  • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services — required for Report Expert, and is included with SQL Server Standard versions listed
  • Internet Information Server (IIS) — required for Report Expert
  • FactoryTalk Activation and FactoryTalk Services Platform (provided)

It is not required to have a separate server for SQL Server, but it is recommended for large applications. Information on specifying and tuning SQL Server hardware is generally available on the Internet.

  • and is included with SQL Server Standard versions listed.

Client Software Requirements

To view FactoryTalk Metrics reports (either Report Expert or QuickWeb) with a Web browser, or to configure the FactoryTalk Metrics software, client computers require:

  • Reporting client:  Windows Server 2012, Windows Server™ 2008 R2 SP1, Windows 7 Professional SP1, or Windows 8.1 Pro
  • Configuration client:  Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server™ 2008 R2 SP1
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, 9, or 10

User Guides

FactoryTalk Metrics User Guide

FactoryTalk Metrics User Guide

Find all the information on installing and navigating through FactoryTalk Metrics.

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Save Time, Share Information

Create Excel reports in FactoryTalk® VantagePoint EMI from FactoryTalk Metrics data and then publish the reports in the web-based portal for others in your company to view

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Literature Library

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Ordering Information

Ordering Information

FactoryTalk Metrics Servers

Servers are licensed based on a workcell count. All servers contain Microsoft® SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition, one SQL Service Client Access License (CAL), and one FactoryTalk Metrics Authoring Client license. Workcell counts are additive when installed on a single server computer.

Catalog Number Description
9358-PLTM2000ENE FactoryTalk Metrics Server with 1 Workcell Limit
9358-PLTM2100ENE FactoryTalk Metrics Server with 5 Workcell Limit
9358-PLTM2200ENE FactoryTalk Metrics Server with 10 Workcell Limit
9358-PLTM2300ENE FactoryTalk Metrics Server with 25 Workcell Limit
9358-PLTM2400ENE FactoryTalk Metrics Server with 50 Workcell Limit
9358-PLTM2500ENE FactoryTalk Metrics Server with 100 Workcell Limit
9358-PLTM2600ENE FactoryTalk Metrics Server with 200 Workcell Limit

Authoring Client

An Authoring Client license is required for each user who will configure the FactoryTalk Metrics application or create/modify QuickWeb reports. One is included with each FactoryTalk Metrics Server.

Catalog Number Description
9358-PLTMATHENE FactoryTalk Metrics Single User Authoring Client

Runtime Clients

Runtime Client licenses are required for all users who access FactoryTalk Metrics, Report Expert, or FactoryTalk Historian Classic reports through a Web browser, HMI, or any other means. These are concurrent user licenses and include the appropriate SQL Server 2012 license. Unlimited-user versions are available for 4-, 8-, or 16-CPU systems. One unlimited version is available with no SQL Server license. All Runtime Clients can be used with either FactoryTalk Historian Classic or FactoryTalk Metrics.

Catalog Number Description
9358-BIZ1C0PENE Single-User Runtime Client License (Concurrent user)
9358-BIZUC0PENE Unlimited-User Runtime Client License without a Database Server License (For users who already have SQL Server Core licenses.)
9358-BIZUC1PENE Unlimited-User Runtime Client License with SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition 4-Core Runtime Database license
9358-BIZUC2PENE Unlimited-User Runtime Client License with SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition 8-Core Runtime Database license
9358-BIZUC4PENE Unlimited-User Runtime Client License with SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition 16-Core Runtime Database license

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