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FactoryTalk® Batch provides efficient, consistent predictable batch processing and supports the reuse of code, recipes, phases, and logic. FactoryTalk Batch combines the ISA S88 standard with proven technology that provides the flexibility you need to supply your product to market faster.

With FactoryTalk Batch, you can improve quality and increase production in many industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, heavy industry, and pulp and paper.

See it: The New FactoryTalk Batch

See it: The New FactoryTalk Batch

See new features that can help improve your batch management and increase recipe security.

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Recipe for success videos

Watch videos to see how FactoryTalk Batch capabilities improve recipe security, recipe versioning, event archiving and recipe approval before release to production.

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FactoryTalk Batch Product Profile

FactoryTalk Batch Product Profile

Read how FactoryTalk Batch delivers value to operations like yours.

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  • Create and manage recipes and execute them automatically
  • Reduce the hours needed for validating and commissioning
  • Configure physical and procedural models
  • Integrate with a wide variety of complementary software applications
  • Collect detailed electronic batch data about your process to generate detailed reports
  • Integrate and exchange batch and recipe information with corporate information systems
  • Simulate your entire batch process
  • Preserve and lock recipe versions
  • Assign and trace approval workflow before recipe release to production
  • Helps protect recipe and intellectual property from unauthorized use


FactoryTalk® Batch allows your engineers to create processes that help your operators do their jobs more effectively:

  • Maximize use of expensive equipment
  • Share resources
  • Switch equipment in the case of a failure
  • Support 21 CFR Part 11 compliance with electronic signatures
  • Streamline electronic signature set up

Latest Releases

FactoryTalk Batch v12.0

Recipe Versioning Control

  • Automatically assigns and stores each version of a recipe
  • Preserves and locks recipes from changes
  • Recipes can be checked out as work in progress, then checked back in as a new version
  • Saves time and minimizes manual back-up for each recipe change

Recipe Release Security Workflow

  • Assign specific people or roles to approve recipes before they advance to the production line
  • Provides approval traceability
  • Allows quality control managers to manage recipes easily

Recipe and Area Model Security Authority Identifier

  • Provides extra layer of security
  • Helps protect recipes and area model IP by assigning a security-authority token identifier
  • Prevents unauthorized users from reading, exporting or executing procedures without identifier

System Requirements

Server Requirements

  • Monitor – SVGA TrueColor with 2 MB of video RAM and 1024 x 768 resolution
  • Mouse – Microsoft Mouse, Microsoft IntelliMouse® or compatible pointing device
  • Browser – Internet Explorer 8, 9 (U.S. English)
  • SQL Server Options:
    • SQL Server 2012, 32-bit or 64-bit, English only
    • SQL Server 2008, R2 Standard Edition, 32-bit, English only
    • SQL Server 2008, R2 Standard Edition, 64-bit, English only
  • Network – 10 Megabit or faster Ethernet card, network cable
  • Network Protocol – TCP/IP
  • Backup – Removable media device such as a DVD-RW drive

Microsoft Corporation strongly recommends the use of a RAID-5 system for computers running SQL Server 2005 or SQL 2008

Client Requirements

If Windows XP SP3 32-bit; English only

  • 1.8 GHz processor or greater
  • 2 GB RAM recommended or more
  • Available Hard Disk Space 24 GB recommended or more

If Windows 7 SP1 64-bit; English only

  • 2.8 GHz processor or greater
  • 2 GB RAM recommended or more
  • Available Hard Disk Space 30 GB recommended or more


  • Internet Explorer 8, 9
  • Microsoft Office 2010
  • Visual Basic 6.0, Service Pack 6
  • SQL Server 2008 R2, Standard Edition, (English version only), or SQL Server 2012 (English version only)


  • Acrobat Reader 9.1

Rockwell Software

  • RSLinx Classic version 2.58 OEM or higher
  • Logix Designer (formerly RSLogix 5000) version 21
  • RSLinx Enterprise version 5.40
  • FactoryTalk Activation version 3.60
  • FactoryTalk Services Platform version (CPR 9 SR6)
  • FactoryTalk View SE version 6 or version 6.1

User Guides

FactoryTalk Batch Getting Results Guide

FactoryTalk Batch Getting Results Guide

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FactoryTalk Batch Product Profile

FactoryTalk Batch Product Profile

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Literature Library

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Ordering Information

Ordering Info

Catalog Number Description
9358-FTB01ENE FactoryTalk Batch – 1 Unit
9358-FTB03ENE FactoryTalk Batch – 3 Units
9358-FTB10ENE FactoryTalk Batch – 10 Units
9358-FTB30ENE FactoryTalk Batch – 30 Units
9358-FTB60ENE FactoryTalk Batch – 60 Units
9358-FTBKY01ENE FactoryTalk Batch Back-up Key – 1 Unit
9358-FTBKY03ENE FactoryTalk Batch Back-up Key – 3 Units
9358-FTBKY10ENE FactoryTalk Batch Back-up Key – 10 Units
9358-FTBKY30ENE FactoryTalk Batch Back-up Key – 30 Units
9358-FTBKY60ENE FactoryTalk Batch Back-up Key – 60 Units

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