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SolaHD Uninterruptible Power Supplies ― UPS

Whenever failure is not an option, an uninterruptible power supply is the answer. Whether you just need a few minutes to save your work and shut down your PC, or extended backup time for high amperage manufacturing processes, SolaHD has the right UPS for the job. We offer point-of-use, DIN rail mount, rack mount, tower and cabinet installed solutions for every application.

Models are available to meet your specific input and output power requirements – AC or DC – and many models include advanced features such as power conditioning, data line protection, and hot swappable batteries. SolaHD’s modular systems that allow you to add all the backup power you need as your requirements change.

SolaHD’s S1K Series mini tower off line uninterruptible power supplies are ideal for point of sale and office applications, providing highly affordable protection against equipment damage and data loss due to power surges and interruptions

SolaHD’s S3K mini tower line interactive uninterruptible power supplies provide state of the art line interactive technology that protects against most power disturbances without transferring to the internal battery

SolaHD’s S4K2UC and S4K2UC 5C Series industrial online uninterruptible power supplies provide zero transfer time from external to internal power, so when utility power fails, your critical load remains supported by a seamless flow of power

SolaHD’s S4K4UC 6 kVA and S4K6UC 10 kVA industrial online uninterruptible power supplies feature double conversion topology to provide the ultimate in protection against a wide range of potential power problems

SolaHD’s S4K5U 5C Series 6 kVA international online uninterruptible power supplies are designed for international usage, providing flexible output voltage, an integrated maintenance bypass switch and internal batteries all in a slim enclosure

SolaHD’s S5K Modular Series uninterruptible power supplies allow you to easily upgrade the system in the field when you need a higher VA rating, longer backup runtimes or to add N+x parallel redundancy

SolaHD’s SDU DC DIN rail uninterruptible powers supplies are powerful and combine industry leading design with wide operational temperature range and unique installation options

SolaHD’s SDU Series DIN rail AC uninterruptible power supplies provide ride through during brief power outages and safe equipment shutdown to prevent data loss, work interruptions and equipment damage during longer outages

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