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HESCO is pleased to offer Stratus Technologies solutions to maintain systems that just can’t go offline.

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What Does Stratus Technologies do for Rockwell Automation Customers?

For over 30 years Stratus has been providing infrastructure based solutions that keep applications running continuously in today’s always-on world. Stratus offers a range of solutions that can be rapidly deployed in your chosen environment. Stratus’ platform solutions provide end-to-end operational support with integrated hardware, software and services. Stratus’ software solutions are designed to run in physical, virtualized and cloud environments. As a Global Encompass partner, Stratus delivers continuous availability for Rockwell customers running FactoryTalk® View SE, FactoryTalk Historian, FactoryTalk Production Centre, and other plant applications.

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Company Profile

Stratus customers range from large Fortune 500 organizations to small single- plant operations. They share one thing in common – they have applications that must be protected from unplanned outages. Stratus customers represent nearly every industry and our solutions are currently deployed in more than 40 countries. Support and sales assistance is readily available in all major regions including North and South America, Asia Pacific, Japan, Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

Industry Information

Companies in all industries have applications that benefit from eliminating unplanned downtime. Segments running critical processes, or those governed by stringent regulatory requirements, have an even stronger need to ensure application availability and data integrity. Stratus has a strong presence across a number of industries including: manufacturing, energy, oil & gas, life sciences, mill/mining, and automotive.

Stratus ftServer Platform: Technical Overview

The ftServer® system architecture eliminates single points of failure and addresses the hardware, software and serviceability issues that can lead to downtime and corruption or loss of critical data.

Lockstep hardware

Duplex fault-tolerant hardware components process the same instructions at precisely the same time. If a component fails, its partner simply continues normal operations — without any downtime or data loss.

Automated Uptime™ Layer

Stratus’ unique automated Uptime Layer software constantly monitors more than 500 system components and sensors to identify, handle, and report faults — before they impact your system. This transparent error handling shields the operating system, middleware and application software. Even in-memory data is constantly protected and maintained. If a component needs replacement, the software automatically orders the correct customer-replaceable part. Parts are easily replaced, without tools or specialized training, while your system continues to run.

ActiveService™ ArchitectureStratus Image2

Technology-enabled ActiveService features built into every ftServer system allow Stratus to diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve problems online more than 99% of the time. Operations Control Centers on three continents use a follow-the-sun service model to provide secure access to our global 24/7 network of expert engineers. In addition, the deep diagnostics provided by the Automated Uptime Layer enables Stratus service engineers to accurately identify and fix the root cause of a problem before it recurs.

Eliminating Virtualization Risk

Although the benefits of virtualization are tremendous, the risks are just as substantial. If the host system fails, all the virtual machines (VMs) fail as well and the disruption of multiple applications quickly impacts produc- tion and costs. Stratus® ftServer platforms solve the availability and cost issues of virtualizing critical applications without adding any complexity to the architecture. Alternative VMware® HA failover configurations require multiple servers, a SAN, and expensive software. And, when a part breaks on the primary server there is still downtime and data loss as the “failover” is carried out. The added cost and complexity, combined with the issues of restarting up to eight applications following a failure, have left many looking for a better solution. Stratus’ ftServer systems make it easy to afford the benefits of VMware virtualization for all of your critical plant applications.


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Stratus has taken a holistic view of continuous availability, attacking downtime like no other IT vendor in the industry. Unlike most high-availability offerings that simply “recover” from failure and require extensive administration to implement and manage, Stratus’ platform and software solutions are engineered to automatically prevent downtime and data loss, ensuring your critical Rockwell Automation® applications are always on 24/7.








Stratus Everrun

everRun Enterprise

The everRun family of software solutions provides fault tolerance, high availability, disaster recovery, and monitoring for your most critical environments.


Stratus everrun mx

everRun MX

Provides multi-processor Microsoft applications with fault-tolerant protection that prevents downtime unlike other recovery-based, high availability solution.


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ftServer Systems

Stratus ftServer Systems are the most robust, efficient solution for advance deployed and virtualized environments where uptime SLAs are crucial, for Windows®, Linux® and VMware®






V Series/Continuum

Longtime users of the VOS-based platform rely on Stratus’ V Series and Continuum Servers to deliver unparalleled uptime.



Cloud Computing

Join Stratus’ Beta Program leveraging the OpenStack™ open source cloud operating system to provide adjustable levels of availability per application.

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