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SyTech has been providing report generation and analysis software advancing the technology used to automate and distribute reports in Excel, PDF and Web formats for industry since 1991.

XLReporter is designed with the powerful features and functionality of Microsoft Excel. The product provides The Complete Reporting Solution to suit the needs of manufacturing and industry and is designed to be readily usable by both production and management. Creating Excel reports with the XLReporter Professional consists of four steps: Design, Report, Manage and Distribute.

  • Design. Design a report template in Excel and specify the source of the data, e.g., real time, historical, analytic and database. If the template is to be used on-demand, then an interactive form is also designed.
  • Report. Defines a schedule to generate reports from the template periodically (e.g., every day), triggered on an event (e.g., the end of a batch) or initiated from custom scripts. On demand reports can be generated from the interactive form, locally or across the network.
  • Manage. Apply analysis and data management to turn the raw data into meaningful report information.
  • Distribute. Determine the format of the final report and the people who will receive it. Completed reports are stored in XLS, PDF or HTML format and may be sent automatically to printers, email, file servers and web servers.

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