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HESCO can work with you to provide the right Thomas & Betts products specifically designed for Chemical Processing, Civil Infrastructure, Commercial & Institutional Facilities, Data Centers, Food & Beverage Processing, Metals & Mining, Oil & Gas, Power Generation Pulp & Paper, Transmission & Distribution, Renewable Energy or Water & Waste Water. Of course if you want to discuss your application you can always contact HESCO and let our experienced staff assist you in choosing the right T&B products for your application.

Chemical Industry

HESCO understands your operation in the highly automated chemical industry must stay competitive and profitable while also dealing with:

• Safety and security issues, ranging from accidents to terrorism

• Waste management and other processes impacting the environment

• Continuous operations producing specialty batches or commodity chemicals

• Changeover and startup cycles for specialty chemical plants

The chemical industry demands performance from components used in electrical infrastructure.  HESCO recommends Thomas & Betts quality products that reliably connect and protect electrical wiring systems used in mixing, heating, refining and other chemical processes. Our innovative components and systems are designed for safety in classified hazardous locations, save you valuable installation time and stand up to the harshest, most corrosive button For more info, click download.

Food & Beverage Solutions

Today’s food and beverage producers must remain competitive and profitable while facing:

Higher energy, raw material and feed costs

Increased food safety and other legislation implemented by regulatory bodies such as the FDA, USDA, EPA and OSHA

New foreign competition — some from third-world countries lacking strict food safety regulations — entering the US market and placing pressure on operating marginsdownload button. For more info, click download.

Data Center Solutions

Data centers are becoming larger and more vital to everyday life with each smart phone, internet-connected computer or Wi-Fi® device sold. The recent emergence of cloud computing is spurring a boom in real-world construction. Data center operators need to manage a complex infrastructure of power and cooling equipment while providing 24×7 availability of data for commerce, financial transactions, enterprise resources or even streaming video for a night’s entertainment. All of this has made the data center industry one of the fastest growing consumers of electrical power, using up to 2% of the U.S. electrical supply and resulting in a global carbon equivalent footprint greater than the entire airline industry.

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Water & Wastewater Solutions

HESCO understands the challenges and provides a set of solutions to be used in the water/wastewater industry. When you need to connect, terminate, fasten or protect, plug into the power and innovation of Thomas & Betts. HESCO, with it’s partners like Thomas & Betts, is committed to developing solutions for the water industry, staying current with the latest available technology and remaining competitive. Our electrical solutions: 

  • Feature built-in safeguards to protect your workplace
  • Reduce installation and electrical system changeover and down times by 40–50%
  • Extend the life of electrical systems by up to 300%
  • Safeguard your infrastructure from the consequences of unpredictable power
  • Provide the latest technology to connect and protect your electrical systemsdownload button


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