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In industrial facilities, the choice of appropriate T&B products can be overwhelming.  T&B has broken down your needs into convenient guides which can be downloaded below.  Choose the application or problem you are trying to prevent and these guides can assist you in finding the correct cabling, cable management, conduit, connector and grounding solutions.  Of course if you want to discuss your application you can always contact HESCO and let our experienced staff assist you in choosing the right T&B products for your application.

Continuous Operation & Sustainability

Whether your goal is to prevent liquid ingress or contamination of your connectors, or you require fuses that reduce the risk of arc flash hazards, our broad range of services and solutions will help you extend equipment lifespan, reduce capital expenditures, increase operational equipment effectiveness (OEE) and safety and help you standardize your electrical system. Plus, we can provide installation training certification to help ensure plant reliability and qualified technical personnel to assist you in quickly getting your plant back online.  For more info, click download.  download button

Corrosion & Harsh Environment Protection

The direct effects of corrosion costs U.S. industry and government $276 billion annually, according to a study commissioned by the U.S. Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).* This figure reflects only the direct costs of corrosion, such as the expense of repairing a bridge that has become structurally deficient due to steel corrosion or the cost of treated drinking water lost from a corrosion-induced leak in a municipal water pipeline. It doesn’t begin to take into account the indirect costs of corrosion, such as the cost of labor related to corrosion management activities or the loss of revenue due to disruption in product supply.  For more info, click download.  download button

Extreme Temperature Protection

Whether you are operating a paper mill at over 200° C or installing in frigid conditions, you need electrical systems and components that will function — consistently and reliably. Thomas & Betts provides electrical systems and components designed to perform in the harshest conditions. Knowing that commercial and industrial electrical systems are temperature dependent, Thomas & Betts has created electrical components that work outside of standard temperature ranges to make them effective in both the extreme cold and heat. For more info, click download.  download button

Grounding & Bonding

To ensure employee safety, prevent job interruptions and provide electrical continuity and reliability, choosing the right grounding & bonding products is essential. Thomas & Betts has a wide range of proven bonding & grounding products for commercial, industrial and communications applications. Used together, Thomas & Betts Grounding & Bonding products will: • Ensure personnel safety • Eliminate lightning interruptions.

• Protect critical equipment

• Meet IEEE, UL® and CSA obligations

• Provide electrical continuity and reliability

For more info, click download.  download button

Liquid Ingress Protection

If your electrical components are buried underground, operate in wet conditions or continuously exposed to the elements, liquid ingress protection is a critical element in keeping your electrical systems operational. Exposure to water in indoor or outdoor applications, condensation and accidental spills of machine oils and lubricants can all shorten the life of your electrical system. Effective protection of your electrical system can mean the difference between consistent operations, or unscheduled downtime while liquid-damaged components are replaced or the system is rebuilt.

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Safety & Contamination

Safety & contamination issues affect every industry, from food and beverage processing facilities to manufacturing plants to power generating stations. In many industries — like food and chemical processing, mining, oil and gas exploration and utilities — worker safety and the possibility of contamination to the product being produced or the environment have paramount importance. For more info, click download.  download button


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