PlantPAx™ is the process automation system from Rockwell Automation with all the core capabilities expected in a world-class distributed control system (DCS). The system is built on a standard-based architecture using Integrated Architecture components that enable multi-disciplined control and Premier Integration with the Rockwell Automation Intelligent Motor Control portfolio.

PlantPax is based on Rockwell Automation’s Integrated Architecture; it eliminates the need for disparate control systems, resulting in significant plant-wide optimization improvements and reduced total cost of ownership. PlantPAx is based on modern, open communication standards, leveraging EtherNet/IP as its backbone. Real-time information is readily available throughout the enterprise for better business decisions.

Plant-wide Control and Optimization

By implementing a single, plant-wide control system, companies can increase efficiencies and productivity across all layers of their operations. They are able to integrate process control, discrete control, power control, information and safety into one plant-wide infrastructure. This eliminates the need for different and disparate control systems, resulting in significant plant-wide optimization improvements and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Scalable system offers unified experience across applications, operations and environments
  • Common plant-wide platform reduces support, training and spare parts inventory requirements
  • Real-time information strengthens continuous improvement

By converging the plant floor with enterprise IT systems, your people, processes and technology, are transformed into assets that help you achieve higher levels of business performance. PlantPAx helps you do just that.

The Rockwell Automation® PlantPAx™ process automation system combines the plant-wide control technologies and unmatched scalability of Integrated Architecture™ with all the core capabilities expected in a world-class distributed control system (DCS).

System Architecture

PlantPAx is the only process automation system capable of managing the entire range of automation applications, including motion, safety and drive systems. The PlantPAx system:

  • Built on open industry standards,
  • Leverages the EtherNet/IP network as its backbone
  • Supports seamless integration of the system components
  • Provides connectivity to higher-level business systems.

The PlantPAx system supports ControlNet or EtherNet/IP networks for device-level communication to deliver a business solution with real-time results from the plant floor to the top floor.



Control and I/O

  • Scalable controller portfolio enables small skid-based systems to be developed using same technologies and libraries as very large systems. This enables easy integration of skidded systems and ancillary equipment with the rest of plant for true Plant-Wide control.
  • Scalable and Flexible I/O portfolio so you can design the best system based on your requirements from rack based I/O to on-process I/O, redundant I/O with 1715-family, as well as Intelligent Motor controls acting natively to the system.
  • Comprehensive integration of process networks for integration of intelligent field devices regardless of technology being used.


Engineering and Configuration

  • PlantPAx uses same Integrated Architecture configuration tools across all plant-floor applications.
  • PlantPAx Libraries developed and sorted by Rockwell Automation enable you to quickly assemble large applications with proven strategies, rich functionality, and known performance.
  • Defined System Architectures, enabled by the PlantPAx sizing tools, allow you to define/revise your architecture minimizing the design risk by ensuring system performance


Operator Effectiveness

  • PlantPAx with integrated visualization objects for display and control providing rich functionality based on latest industry guidelines for operator effectiveness.
  • Decision support tools and scalable visualization platform provides the right information wherever it is needed



Asset Management

  • PlantPAx Asset Management includes disaster recovery and auditing capabilities.
  • PlantPAx also enables efficient management of the all the smart assets in your facility by proving the right information to those who need it.

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Safety and Critical Control

  • In process automation, maintaining critical operations requires doing your engineering best to make sure nothing gets lost, stops working, or is damaged.
  • This generally involves implementing a highly available automation system. PlantPAx enables high availability by offering redundancy options at each level of the architecture. You can choose the level of redundancy you need without paying for redundant components you don’t need.
  • This extends into Process Safety applications with SIL certified systems making it simpler, easier, and less expensive to meet growing standards compliance requirements worldwide up to SIL3 applications.


Advanced Process Control

  • Basic and advanced regulatory control inside the controllers
  • Fuzzy Logic and Soft-sensor development tools for development of rule-based expert systems inside controller
  • Model-predictive control for enabling a high-level optimization

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SCADA Operations Productivity

Operations Productivity

  • Scalable Data Collection – chassis-based, plant-wide, or enterprise-wide
  • Decision Support Portal – Track production KPIs to manage cost, quality, resources

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Batch Management

  • Scalable batch portfolio with native ISA-88 structures inside controllers and comprehensive batch platform for large complex applications.

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