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Hoffman Mild SteelWhatever your needs, HESCO can supply the correct enclosure for your environment. The environment, application, thermal management requirements, enclosure performance standards, material and size all play a key role in the selection process. When selecting an enclosure, application can be associated with market or product. For example, is your enclosure going to be used in a petrochemical refining plant, a food manufacturing system or a water treatment plant? Regarding product, does your application require a disconnect enclosure, pendant arm mounting, arc flash safety products or easy access? The requirements of your application must be taken into consideration. Let HESCO sales review your application with you and assist in the critical decision making process to assure the correct enclosure for your application. For many applications Hoffman offers a solution.





KillarkEnclosureHeavy Duty & Explosion Proof Enclosures

HESCO carries a broad line of industrial and explosion-proof enclosure systems. Whether protecting the clean-room or the factory floor, enclosures protect sensitive equipment from corrosion and other contaminants.

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Fans             Fans

The newest electronic components pack more power into smaller and smaller packages, giving rise to a new threat to reliable operation — the electronics themselves. Hoffman has your thermal management needs covered with a line of product for every scenario.







Avoiding extreme temperature changes may extend the life of critical control equipment. HESCO provides thermal management products from the leaders in the industry, providing an optimum environment for your electronic equipment and limiting exposure to undesirable operating conditions. Click to download an overview Hoffman Enclosure Cooling Solutions


Air Conditioners

Hoffman Cooling has one of the broadest selections of air conditioners for enclosure cooling. Whether you need to control a small heat load in an electrical panel or cool significant heat in a large cabinet, Hoffman Cooling has the right cooling solution for you.  You can download the Hoffman “Specifiers Guide” for detailed information or contact us and we will be happy to assist in configuring the right cooling application for your enclosure.


ElectricHeatersElectrical Heaters

Electric heaters can raise the temperature inside enclosures to appropriate levels when temperatures dip below the minimally acceptable ranges for electronics and are designed to protect sensitive mechanical and electronic equipment from the harmful effects of condensation and corrosion.




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