Large Format Displays from Dynics

DYNICS offers a comprehensive line of large LCD industrial signage products and industrial computers.


Large Format Displays

CX Series

The DYNICS CX is a cost effective, metal-enclosed industrial display. Powered by a DYNICS Industrial Computer this wall-, ceiling-, or pole-mounted.  CX is designed as an all-in-one solution for 24/7 operation.

Dynics CX series

  • Display Sizes: 32″|42″|46″|55″|65″|70″|80″
  • Embedded PC or Monitor Only Options
  • Cost effective alternative to consumer grade TV
  • Industrial Grade Display for 24/7 Operation
  • Industrial high duty cycle power supply
  • Rugged steel enclosure with powder coat finish
  • Wall Mount Bracket Available

Key Features:

  • Optional, Easily Accessible Integrated DYNICS Computer
  • 120~240VAC Power Entry
  • 4th Gen Core™ i5 or Core™ i7
  • OS Options Available
  • Up to 16GB RAM DDR3
  • 2.5” SATA SSD and HDD Options

LX Series

The DYNICS LX is a cost effective, metal enclosed, industrial display. When integrated with a DYNICS Industrial PC the wall-, ceiling-, or column-mounted LX provides an all-in-one solution for 24/7 operation.

Dynics LX Series

Available in three configurations:

  • Single LX Display with integrated PC or monitor only.
  • Back-to-back LX Displays with two integrated industrial PCs allowing independent sound and display, or
  • Back-to-back LX Displays with one integrated PC for simultaneous same display on each side.


Key Features:

  • The steel chassis is available in a NEMA 12 Powder coat—ideal for industrial applications.
  • Core™ i5, Core™ i7 and Bay Trail | Soundbar Ready | Various Mounting Options
  • Optional Second Ethernet Port
  • SSD and HDD Storage Options

NX Series

The NX-MP includes a rugged DYNICS display within a modular industrial grade enclosure, and a DYNICS industrial PC housed in an easily removable MODPAK.

Dynics NX Series

The wall or ceiling-mounted NX-MP is designed for 24/7 runtime operation and is available in a black powder coat finish. It creates a perfect all-in-one solution. The NX is also available as a display only (no computer) and laminated glass option.

  • Display Sizes: 32″|42″|46″|55″|65″|70″|80″
  • Removable ModPak PC or Monitor Only Options
  • Heavy Duty Industrial Rugged Enclosure
  • Single or Back To Back Configuration
  • Industrial Grade Display for 24/7 Operation
  • Soundbar Ready
  • Industrial high duty cycle power supply
  • Rugged steel enclosure with powder coat finish
  • Wall, Column or Ceiling Mountable

Key Features:

  • Bay Trail, Intel® Core™ i5 or i7
  • Up to 16GB RAM DDR3 (8GB On Bay Trail)
  • Wall or Ceiling Mount
  • 120~240VAC Power Supply Input
  • 5″ SATA SSD and HDD Options
  • Easily Accessible MODPAK Enclosed Computer
  • OS Options Available
  • Wireless Option Available
  • Laminated Glass Option Available

LW Series

The DYNICS LW Monitor is a versatile, industrial display in 42” or 55” sizes. Housed in a fanless, sealed, drip-proof enclosure, these monitors are capable of operating 24/7 in many production environments up to 45°C ambient temperature. The LW is designed for overhead mounting in a single or double-sided, rugged steel bracket. The double-sided bracket houses up to two optional DYNICS DR PCs to drive the monitors.

The LW is available in various configurations: Dynics LW series

  • Single Monitor
  • Single PC
  • Back-to-Back 1 PC
  • Back-to-Back 2 PCs
  • Back-to-Back Monitors Only (Zero PCs)

The addition of an optional Soundbar allows single-sided or dual-sided sound (see Soundbar datasheet, attached). The optional Soundbar is depicted in the mechanical drawings in this datasheet.


Key Features:

  • Static 15° Degree Tilt
  • Rugged Steel & Aluminum Construction
  • Sealed, Drip Proof Design
  • Heavy Duty Eyelet Brackets for Overhead Mounting
  • Main AC Power Button Accessible on Bottom of Unit

PWS Series

The PWS is a portable, self-contained, large screen display. This plug and play unit includes an embedded computer for easy access and serviceability. The infrared touch sensor has a standard 4 touch points, with optional 6, 12 or 32 touch points.

A laptop computer can be connected through the DVI, HDMI or VGA when configured as a monitor. An optional speaker bar is available as well as other peripherals such as Wi-Fi webcams, credit card readers, thermal printers, biometric scanners, wireless keyboards, mice, and more.

Dynics PWS series

  • Display Sizes: 55″|65″|70″|80″
  • Embedded PC, Monitor only or Hybrid PC/Display options
  • Extruded aluminum mobile stand
  • Industrial grade display for 24/7 operation
  • Soundbar ready
  • Industrial high duty cycle power supply
  • Rugged steel enclosure with powder coat finish
  • Highly Customizable

Key Features:

  • 120~240VAC Power Supply Input
  •  Infrared Touch Sensor, Standard 6 Points of Touch
  •  2.5” SATA SSD and HDD Options
  •  Rapid Response Video Controller
  •  Optional Integrated Left and Right Speakers
  •  Wide Range of Finish Options and Customizable Peripherals
  •   Optional Wireless Connectivity

VW Series


The DYNICS VW70 is an easy to configure all-in-one system with multiple display capabilities. The VW70 is capable of displaying a single image over all 4 displays or 4 independent images at once. This plug and play system is ideal for creative and dynamic digital signage, information relay, command and control operations, and more.
The VW 70” matrix 2×1 and 2×2 displays are equipped with a ProAV video controller. The ultra-thin bezel is designed to create nearly seamless displays in any matrix combination.
Dynics VW Series

Key Features:

  • 140” Landscape Format (Standard Configuration)
  • LCD Display with High Contrast Ratio 5000:1 and Brightness of 500 nits
  • Auto Temp Control

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