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FactoryTalk® EnergyMetrix is a sophisticated Web-enabled energy management software package that combines data communication, client-server applications, and Microsoft’s advanced .NET™ Web technology to provide you with a complete energy management solution. Located in the control room, at headquarters or in the palm of your hand, this web-based application allows you to access data and reports from your desktop or mobile device.


Rockwell Automation Energy Monitoring products keep you well informed of how much power you use, what your major loads are, when you use electric power the most, how much you pay for it, and the quality of the power you use.

PowerMonitor1000PowerMonitor 1000 is a compact power monitor for load profiling, cost allocation or energy control. Its compact size and option for DIN rail or panel mounting make it easy to place on a line or in a cabinet. It’s well-suited for monitoring individual components or entire processes.


PowerMonitor5000PowerMonitor 5000 provides configurable real-time power quality data, harmonics analysis, high-speed oscillography, and sub-metering via a variety of communication protocols.  Placed near the utility meter, it measures the amount and quality of power coming into your facility or into significant processes.


PowerMonitorW250Wireless PowerMonitor W250 measures energy consumption via built-in current transformers and delivers the data over a self-generating wireless network.  Its wireless capabilities make it an ideal choice for remote areas of your facility and other places that are difficult or costly to install a hardwired network.


PowerMonitor500PowerMonitor 500 is a cost-effective power monitor featuring an on-device LCD display in a compact footprint. Its size makes it easy to install on a panel door, giving you instant visibility into your energy use on individual components or entire processes.


PowerMonitorPowerPadPowerPad Portable PowerMonitor is a lightweight portable unit allowing you to monitor power anywhere in your facility with superior functionality and accuracy.


PowerMonitorCurrentTransformersCurrent Transformers (CTs) are low voltage transformers for various power measurement devices and applications, including protective relays, analog devices, transducers and PowerMonitor products.


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