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HESCO is a well established distributor for the leading brands of power regulation equipment. We maintain a large inventory for quick delivery of the most common items. Others can be direct shipped to your location within a matter of days. An article on power quality issues from Hammond Power Solutions can be downloaded here

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Allen-Bradley Power Supplies (read more)

We provide a wide variety of power supply solutions. From switched mode and industrial uninterruptible power supplies to transformers, every product is designed for reliability and dependable operation. Products are available for the following application requirements:

  • On-Machine Power Supplies
  • Voltage Sag Protection
  • Switched Mode Power Supplies
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies


SolaHD Power Supplies (read more) SolaPowerSupply

For any system that depends on sophisticated electronics, everything begins with the power supply. SolaHD’s proven and widely used SDN Series provides industry leading performance and innovative features in DIN rail mounted power supplies up to 40 Amps. Options include compact form factors, DeviceNet compatibility and redundant configurations. SolaHD offers low power DIN rail models, switched designs, DC to DC converters, chassis mounted units, rugged power supplies for extreme environments, and heavy duty modular systems.

  • Single & Multi Output Switchers
  • Redundant Power Supplies
  • Heavy Duty Modular Power Supplies
  • Encapsulated Industrial DC to DC Power Supplies
  • DIN Railmount Power Supplies


HESCO leads the way by offering a full complement of transformers from general power distribution, to power conversion equipment, to equipment designed specifically for industrial motor drive and automation systems.

acme-electric  AcmeDistributionTransformer(read more)

For decades, Acme Electric—a full line manufacturer of dry-type distribution transformers—has covered a full spectrum of applications including general commercial power distribution, high harmonic conditions, specific industrial motor drive/factory automation systems and low-voltage landscape lighting. For affordable quality and dependability, electrical pros select Acme Electric brand products.

  • Dry Type Distribution Transformers
  • Harmonic Mitigation Transformers
  • Non-linear Load Transformers
  • Drive Isolation Transformers
  • Industrial Control Transformers
  • Constant Voltage Transformers
  • C3 Transformers


hammond_power_solutions HPSFamily(read more)

HPS is the largest manufacturer of dry-type transformers in North America. We engineer and manufacture a wide range of standard and custom transformers that are exported globally in electrical equipment and systems. We support solid industries such as oil and gas, mining, steel, waste and water treatment, and wind power generation. HESCO is an authorized HPS distributor with trained personnel who are trained to provide technical support and highly competitive pricing on the entire HPS product line.

  • Control Transformers
  • Buck-Boost Transformers
  • Low Voltage Distribution
  • Medium Voltage Distribution
  • Encapsulated for Industrial Machine Tools
  • Open Core and Coil for Light Industrial Applications
  • General Purpose Enclosed Transformer
  • Enclosed for Industrial Machine Tools – Low Voltage
  • General Purpose Industrial Control Applications – Medium Voltage
  • Energy Efficient Drive Isolation Transformers
  • Standard Drive Isolation Transformer


Sola  SolaTransformer (read more)

SolaHD offers industrial control transformers in four series to suit your needs. The SBE Series includes both open style and encapsulated models featuring a low temperature rise. The SMT Series provides compact, economical transformers with an open-wound, varnished coil design. The International Series and ICE International Series provide worldwide voltage combinations, built to comply with IEC requirements. The HSZ Series features encapsulated windings and a choice of enclosures to permit installation outside of a control cabinet and in harsh environmental conditions. All SolaHD transformer series are available in a wide variety of voltage combinations and Volt-Ampere capacities to meet your particular requirements.

  • Industrial Control Transformers
  • General Purpose Transformers
  • Buck-Boost Transformers
  • Custom Transformers
  • Drive Isolation Transformers
  • Motor Starting Autotransformer

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