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HESCO offers safety products and services from a variety of vendors including Rockwell Automation, Panduit, Thomas&Betts, Hubbell-Kellems, Edwards Signaling and Federal Signaling.

As an authorized Rockwell Automation distributor, our Allen-Bradley line of safety products offers the highest in quality and performance.

Each year, six million workers suffer from non-fatal workplace injuries, resulting in an annual cost of more than $125 billion to United States businesses. Outside the primary objective of reducing injuries to people or property, proving the value of a safety system is an ongoing challenge for safety professionals and risk managers.

The whitepaper (Proving The Value Of Safety  — Justification And ROI Of Safety Programs And Machine Safety Investments on Safety)  offers some justification arguments. Click download to get it from HESCO’s downloads page. download button


Available products include safety connection devices, safety drives & motors, safety input output modules, safety motion controls, safety motor controls, safety programmable controllers, safety push buttons, signaling devices, safety relays & timers, safety sensors & switches, and more.

In addition to safety products HESCO can supply services from these vendors including Hazard Assessment or Safety Evaluations, Risk Assessments, Safety Circuit Analysis, Safety Automation Builder Data Sheets, Safety Systems and Integration Services, Safety System Validation, and Production Floor Safety System Support.


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HESCO is also able to provide a comprehensive lifecycle solution approach to designing, implementing, and maintaining a safe work environment for your products or plants.button-read-more

Safety Solution Lifecycle

Step 1: Safety Assessment – Identify hazards and estimate the associated risks
Step 2: Mitigation Technique Selection – Evaluate safeguarding options based on industry acceptable solutions
Step 3: Safety System Design – Design system architecture, safety critical circuit design and guarding design
Step 4: Project Execution – Material procurement, assembly, integration testing, commissioning
Step 5: Validation – Verify that systems are operating within defined parameters and applicable standards have been satisfied
Step 6: Maintenance – Change Control

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