Rockwell Automation Drive Start Up Services

HESCO’s Rockwell Automation Drive Start Up Services: An additional year of warranty + peace of mind!

If you’re looking for assistance in starting up your Rockwell Automation PowerFlex series drives, HESCO can help. We have a trained staff who can be dispatched locally to assist with your drive start up (DSU) needs. With our industry-leading expertise to commission and startup PowerFlex drives you will get:

  • Improved on-time production performance and equipment operation
  • Reduced Risk of performance problems and premature equipment failures
  • Factory warranty extended for up to two years from start-up-date
  • Reduced total maintenance costs

Our team will inspect and verify proper drive and motor installation practices were used. They will verify the external control wiring is properly terminated at the drive input and output connection points. The drive cabling to the motor, line feed, and isolation transformer (if applicable) will be checked. The drive will be operated through speed ranges to verify proper performance. Finally, we will load the operating and network parameters to the drive.

                Our drive startup services will get you up and running on-time with reduced risk to your team and an additional year of warranty. For longer-term maintenance strategies, ask us about our Preventative Maintenance programs for PowerFlex drives to extend the life of your critical assets. You can reach us at to schedule a start up or if you have any questions. 

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