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What the heck is TechConnect? And why you probably need one!

If you work with Rockwell Automation hardware or software, then chances are you could benefit from a TechConnect support contract. We’ll share the top two reasons our customers continually renew their TechConnect:

Reason #1:          Software Maintenance Entitlement

When’s the last time you downloaded an operating system (OS) update for your phone (really… it’s been that long)? If you consider yourself “techy”, then you check at least once a month to see if a new version is ready to install. I check frequently because when one is available, I know it will bring with it security patches, user enhancements, performance improvements and more. 

Rockwell Automation is the same way with their software and releases new versions that include the latest security patches, functionality enhancements, and user experience improvements. To get the latest version of Rockwell Automation’s software, you either have to buy a new license (expensive) or get your previously purchased software license supported by a TechConnect (affordable). Once your software is on a TechConnect you not only get access to the most recent software versions, but you also get to contact Rockwell Automation Tech Support whenever your software throws a tantrum. 

You wouldn’t use your phone’s OS from 2010, so don’t do that with your automation software which controls much more critical equipment and processes!

Reason #2:          Hardware Technical Support Entitlement

When your Rockwell Automation hardware encounters an issue, what is your go-to strategy for recovery? Do you have someone on-staff that can troubleshoot and get you back up and running? Or, is your strategy Google and pray? 

With TechConnect you get support for Rockwell Automation hardware from the people who manufacture it! A Rockwell Automation support engineer can be available 24x7x365 to field your call and get you back up and running quickly to reduce your overall downtime. 

A TechConnect support contract can be your first line of defense if you have little to no technical experience with troubleshooting and maintaining the hardware. The cost of TechConnect is, at times, is much less than a day of lost production and less than a full day of emergency callout service. Investing in this “insurance policy” of sorts will arm you with the technical support safety net you need to stay up and running.  

Bonus Reasons

With a TechConnect, customers will receive access to Rockwell Automation’s Knowledgebase where you can search for answers to your questions, interact with peers through forums, bookmark information and request notifications of upgrades. You will also receive a discount on Rockwell Automation’s Learning+ training subscription which includes 30+ different classes. 

Finally, you will be invited to attend a monthly Genius Webinar that are hour-long technical presentations. This training provides tips, best practices, and demonstrations for Rockwell Automation’s products and solutions. Even better, you will earn Professional Development Hours by attending live!

If you’d like more information on how a TechConnect could help, please reach out to us at or use the link below to request information.

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Author – Chad DePasquale, VP of Services (2022)

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